Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Still Life Sunday

Still Life Seashells

It was a "still life" Sunday. Saturday was a long day on Key Biscayne with Lita where we roamed the Renaissance Fair, took a stroll along the beach to the Cape Florida Lighthouse and people-watched at Starbucks. Thus, today I became a "still life" myself, not having any energy left to do much but lay around on the couch and watch football. I do have a plan tonight to process my scanned images of the last pages of my sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project and get them up here on my blog tomorrow but for now, here are a few more images from yesterday's outing: 
Little Monkey 

Unusual Creatures
(pic by Lita, processed by me)

Medieval Weaponry

Well, Hello There!

 Fishing off the Seawall

Here are a couple more shots taken with the Lensbaby Fisheye:

 Oh Happy Day!
(the fisheye makes it look like a large round head, the ocean his blue cap!)

Cape Florida Lighthouse 

And finally, a self portrait in a dirty lighthouse window (hey! dirt makes a great natural texture!):

In the Lighthouse Window

For those readers who are up North in the cold winter, I hope these few beachy shots warm you up a bit! :)


Amy Knutkowski said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day! :D

Nichole Renee said...

I feel warm and cozy already! These are great shots! It's wonderful that you have a creative friend to share your adventures with! What a fun time!

Angie said...

Lovely shots! "In the Lighthouse Window' is very clever. Beautiful photography ~

Have a great beginning to your week. xo

Laura said...

Thanks girls! It was a great day for wandering around with camera in hand!