Friday, January 7, 2011

Exploration #15 Consumer

Exploration #15
Record everything you consume or everything you purchase in one day/week.

I had attempted this task several days in a row, each time forgetting to document one or more things I had eaten and almost always forgetting to take a photograph. Hunger really affects my ability to think properly. :)
As does having a Mojito!
Once I had the Mojito, I completely forgot to take pictures of my dinner!

Everything I consumed yesterday (food and drink, only):

2 cups Starbuck Primo Lattes
1 hard-boiled egg
7 glasses of water (throughout the day of course!)
Turkey wrap with apple & brie
half a Kiwi
three strawberries
handful of Kettle New York Cheddar Chips
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
2 glasses of iced tea
Jerk chicken with mango salsa
Cinnamon topped sweet mashed potatoes
three bites of a Chocolate cake
1 cup decaf coffee with cream
Turkey wrap with apple & Brie, slices of kiwi and strawberries

Looking at the list, I don't have very much in the way of fruit and veggies but it was a special day as I went out with my friend Naomi and some of her other girlfriends to celebrate her 50th birthday. Those kind of days should definitely be exempt from eating vegetables. :)

50 is the new 40! Happy Birthday Naomi!


Lita said...

YUM to the pic of your turkey wrap with veggies! Now I'm craving brie ... thanks alot ;P

You are so good about getting in so much water. And no fair about your chocolate chunk cookie!

Naomi looks fabulous!

Laura said...

LOL..yes, I hadn't had brie in a long time. Sure was good!

Art Expression said...

Looks delicious = )

Laura said...

Thanks! It really was yummy!