Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Every Path Has Its Puddle

 Puddle Reflections

Today, I awoke to a ghostly dawn, the morning singing a foggy tune.

Today I get to: Create one of a kind postcard art for a client. 

Here is the result:
Remember to dream big

(Thanks to the following stock providers for their resources of the model and texture: valentine-fov-stock and Distressed Textures by Jewell)

This piece took longer today than I expected and I still had to get a workout in and get ready for Bunco. Our theme this month was Four Weddings and a Funeral. Of course I went as a Princess Bride. :)
My Damn Hell Bathroom Princess Bride Shot :)

Today's prompt: Write a piece that has puddle and a bunch of other "p" words in it.

I'm writing this with 20 minutes to go until midnight. Today did not go as planned and with my evening spent at Bunco, I had very little time to work on my Awe-Manac journal. I wish I had more time to compose a long story but this little tidbit will have to do! So, here ya go:

Penelope Premont was a pampered photogenic princess from the picturesque Provence who now lived in a pretty palace in Paris. She was particularly proud of her playful puppy, Pompadour, whose purebred pedigree was posted up on her wall in a purple frame.  Pompadour's preferred toy of choice was a plush pink polka-dotted parrot named Pickle. He patted it often with his padded paws. He also loved to push peanuts around with his proboscis and occasionally piddle a puddle on the parquet floor.

Penelope and her pooch would play patty cake and other parlor games and partake in poached eggs, pomegranate tea and pineapple pastries at the village Patisserie, The Perfect Pear, while musing over the meaning of Pi. Penelope's palate was famously profound and she could always pick out flavors such as paprika, peppermint and pimento. Pedestrians passing by would pause to peer at the peculiar pair, but they paid them no mind for they were partners and pals, promising to part only in death.

8 minutes until midnight! I just got my Awe-Manac in for the day. Whew! It was so stressful,lol. I *almost* missed this day. How am I going to feel when I have to travel and therefore going to miss whole weeks of the Awe-Manac? There is never enough time for all the creative things I want to do, so I shall just do what I can, when I can and try to remember to enjoy the journey along the way. :)


Lita said...

All puddles should be as beautiful as yours - Great eye!

And ooOO to your ghostly dawn of a morning. Me likey!

WONDERFUL postcard! Great play on light/shadows, nice balance of elements, and perfect finale touch of texture. I can tell you really invested time in it -- So love it! =)

ROFLMAO at: "My Damn Hell Bathroom Princess Bride Shot :)" You DO look like the Princess Bride :)

Belly laughter about Penelope's relationship with her most unique Pompadour. "Peculiar pair" being an understatement! Your story amused me to no end =)

And since I'm reading and writing this on the verge of tired, closing eyes, I'm totally cracking up over your 8 minutes to midnight comment b/c that's how I've been feeling about our Awe-Manac exercises. My puddle poem was also rushed b/c after getting off of work, I got a massage, responded to a long ass E-mail, worked out, then scrambled to get all my "P's" lined up to work for me. ♥

Laura said...

LOL...I don't know how you are managing it everyday but I sure am proud of you! I'm sure there will be days we'll miss, but even if we just write a line or two in the journal that still counts! :)