Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Magical Garden

Toast of the Day: Here's to the simple grounding pleasure of sitting under a tree.

Name today: Harmony

I had gone out to the garden today with camera and tripod in tow for a self portrait under the Carrotwood tree. As I was setting up the tripod, a Hummingbird came right in front of my face and looked at me for a few moments before fluttering off. It was today's little miracle. :)

As I was sitting under the tree, something had caught my eye. I found a tiny scroll tied to an upper branch with brown vine. Inside lay a hand-written message from Millicent, who apparently is a very ticked off Monarch Butterfly. Seems she was none to happy about the state of my Butterfly garden.

Dearest Laura,
 I stopped by your Butterfly garden during my flight to Mexico and was utterly shocked to find the space, once alive with color and scent, to now withering with sadness and death. I was told by a little birdie that you have been spending each and every Sunday inside watching something called Football. I am most sure that this has had something to do with the state the garden now sits in. I hear that the Football season is coming to an end and I hope you will now take the time to once again prepare your tiny garden for our return flight home. I cannot in good conscience send my children and grandchildren to your garden knowing it's current condition. I do believe you have made a commitment to our species and I fully expect your garden to once again be a beautiful blooming, safe haven for us come Springtime. 
With good intentions,
P.S. It wouldn't hurt to dust the inside of your house once in a while as well.

I would like to know who the "little birdie" was that ratted me out but I cannot deny that what Millicent states in her letter is true. I will get busy rectifying the situation right away! Now, if I can only remember where I put those gardening gloves. :)


heavenly~flower said...

I love your energy and your essence and so thankful to have you in my life. You are magical...xo
Now get to dustin' and take care of yer butterfly garden! lol!

Amy Knutkowski said...

Oh my goodness! The last thing you want to do is anger the butterflies. Let's hope the fairies don't get wind of it or you'll really be in trouble. ;) Beautiful photo by the way!

Lita said...

ROFLMAO! Millicent SO has your number, sister ;P

Imagine my child-like delight to see your image!!! So fun, so whimsical, so wonderfully crafted. You rock!

Ahh, what a great name for this day :)

Laura said...

Thank you girls! Yes, I am so hoping the fairies do not find out about the garden before I have time to get it blooming again! :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, you are too good for this world!

Jerry Judge

Laura said...

Aw, why thank you Jerry!