Saturday, January 8, 2011

Edge of Reality

A Hunk O' Love for my first love, Elvis. Today he would have been 76!

Today's prompt is using the title of an Elvis song: Edge of Reality

I stood on the edge of reality and looked down onto the city, lined with tall buildings of cold metal and glass. The inhabitants were going about their daily business. Grocery shopping and the paying of debts; parents taking their children to school; Cars honking loud horns, traffic jammed up from light to light. Someone was visiting a dying relative, another was giving birth. Lawns were getting mowed, trees were being trimmed. The toxic smell of the landfill drifted up into the air. Somewhere sirens were going off, warning of some impending doom. Images of war were being shown on the morning news. The sky was dark and gloomy, clouded by broken dreams.

I slipped on my rose colored glasses and once again looked down. Gone was the concrete city. In it's place lay a wide expanse of lovely green grass, dotted with wildflowers, large Oak's commanding attention alongside Weeping Willows. Snow-topped mountains shone in the distance. Tiny fluffy bunnies were playing with their young. Wisteria, Jasmine, Honeysuckle and Almond being stirred up into the air as a Pegasus took off into the clear blue sky. Faeries were dancing atop the daisies. Birds of all species were singing sweet songs of happiness and love. The sun shone brightly as a rainbow bridged across the sky. Elvin music could be heard coming from the wooded dale. The dew-topped grass sparkled in silver and gold. A unicorn drank from the crystal clear stream. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the joyous wonder that hung in the air around me. I'm home.


Lita said...

Mmmmm .... What a wonderful place your rose-colored glasses brought you! I felt instant tranquility upon my arrival to the heavenly place based on your description ... and none too soon. So where can I get me a pair?!!

I'm so digging that pic with all the fun elements. Those shoes go perfect with the denim capris =)

Laura said...

I'll be on the lookout for a pair of those rose-colored glasses for you! :)

Art Expression said...

That was lovely and by the way , I could use a pair of those rose colored glasses too = )

Laura said...

Thanks Nicole! I'll keep my eyes open for another pair for you. :)

shabby*girl said...

Love it! Love Elvis and Love you too!

Laura said...

Thanks girlfriend! I love you too!