Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy Mew Year for Cat's Day!

Did you know there was such a day? Neither did I! Naturally being an owner of two very spoiled diva cats, today was all about them. They had their pictures taken and I let them write up their New Year's resolutions.
Here's to the calming presence of a sitting cat

Sambuca's Mew Year Resolutions:
*to stop eating all the house plants
*to eat an all-natural diet of lizards as much as possible
*to stop talking so much and listen every once in a while
*to not act up when company comes over
*to exercise more and lose some weight
*to stop hogging the bed

Dogs come when they are called; Cats take a message and get back to you later. ~Mary Bly

Pi's Mew Year Resolutions:
*to stop licking all the juice off the food and actually eat it
*to be kinder to my sister
*to spend more time outside in the sun
*to throw my old toys away
*to gain some weight
*to spend more time on my mom's lap watching TV

More journal fun from today's entries for the Awe-Manac:

Today I get to...spend all day on the couch watching football.

A list of why I do art:
*It's a way to express myself
*It relaxes me
*I feel like I'm contributing beauty to the world
*It requires me to exercise my creative brain
*I can inspire people

I get lost in art. It takes me far away from the realities and stresses of the day. I can create anything I can imagine, any world I would want to walk in. I lose track of time but in the process, gain nourishment for my soul. Art is a living thing of beauty and I must be a part of it. I'm inspired by all the amazing talent in the world and in return I hope to inspire others myself.

My beautiful "inspire" trinket sent to me by blog reader "Alex". Thank you so much! It's hanging in my art room where I can look at it everyday and be inspired!

Today's prompt:
Things that enter by way of silence:
*The soft falling of Winter's first snow.
*The morning sunlight that wakes me from my evening slumber.
*The moonlight that tells my body the day is done.
*The ancient air that rides upon a London fog.
*The inner urgings of Inspiration.

"I don't know what inspiration is, but when it comes I hope it finds me working." ~Pablo Picasso


Lita said...

I didn't realize Sami's full name was Sambuca.... OHhhh! I SO miss that girl! Regarding resolutions 3 and 4 ... Well she wouldn't be Sami without qualities, plus I love when she acts up in my presence =)

And Pi plays so much ... she needs all those old toys. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all make resolutions to actually want to gain weight, lol.

I loved reading your responses to the Awe-Manac exercises, and I imagine some of our responses will parallel. Just got back from a 3-hour bootcamp and need to recharge and go into Awe-Manac mode. Well, after I finish eating my chocolate =P

I love the goodie Alex made you. Mine is purple (naturally) and says "believe" ♥

Laura said...

That is so true about Sami! Her full name is Sambuca Jo Mcallister George. :)
I saw on your FB that you were doing a bellydance boot camp! Great way to start the new year!
My gift from Alex was a complete surprise and so appreciated! I can't wait to see yours!

Amy Knutkowski said...

Hi Laura!
Wow, I had no idea there was such a day. I guess that explains the cold shoulder I got from my big fat cat, Flynn. He was obviously expecting some extra pampering.

I wanted you to know that you are a huge inspiration to me and I appreciate the words of encouragement you always leave for me. I don't comment very often (I plan to change that this year!) but I read your blog all the time and it always makes me smile.

I wish you all the best in the coming year! *hugs* -Amy

Laura said...

Thank you so much Amy! You are a big inspiration for me...your digital work is so fantastically magical! I'm sure your art journal challenge will be no different!
Haha to Flynn...guess you'll have to make it up to him with some extra lovin'. :)