Saturday, January 15, 2011

Creative Saturday Elations

Name today: Elations
Today I get to: Hang out with Lita all day

Yay! Today was a Creative Saturday with Lita. With cameras in tow but without a plan, we headed down A1A towards Fort Lauderdale. The day started out very chilly but warmed up nicely by the afternoon. As usual, we had many magical moments mixed with plenty of food, chocolate and laughter. Here are some tidbits of our day:

Toast of the day: Here's to taking one more step
(pic by Lita, processed by me)

She felt that her whole life was some kind of dream and she sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it. ~Douglas Adams

A beachy scene in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

Life is but a dream...

Kiwi Love! I handed off my camera to Lita so she could get a shot of me and Kiwi.
Look at him...he's like a big puffy ball!

We found a mirror! Selfies!

Baking Bread

Our lunch at San Tropez Bistro in Fort Lauderdale

Schakolad Chocolates

And, another day of being inspired comes to a close. ;)


Lita said...

Ah, how wonderful to see our day through your eyes via the shots you took and processed. I love the dreamy processing and all the yummy food shots!

Love you lots and lots! ♥

Laura said...

Thanks! I love your shots too...what a fun day! Love you too!

Alex said...

Kiwi is beyond super cute and cuddly! The bakery bread looks so yummy. I could almost smell the freshness. Make sure when you two are off "investigating" you leave bail money at home with someone:)

Laura said...

Haha! Yes, we should definitely do that! I'll make sure Charlie has it ready to bail us out,lol.