Friday, January 14, 2011

Here's to Having a Friend You Can Be Goofy With

Name today: Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen

Toast of the day: Here's to having a friend you can be goofy with.
Today I get to: Spend time with Leanne

I have several friends who I get to be goofy with and I love each and every one of them for my life is better and more interesting with them in it! Today, I got to be goofy with Leanne!
Fun in the Photo Booth

2nd Year at NYU's Tisch School of Drama


The Actress

Here are a few pictures of Leanne taken during one production called American Dreamings: To The New York Island. Stories are told from the viewpoints of various modern immigrants and was directed by Carly McCollow. **The following images are copyright of the director and Playwrights Horizons.**

We are all so proud of Leanne! She has chased after her dreams and worked with passion and dedication!
As for me, I'm beginning to feel much better! Spending time with Leanne was just the right prescription!


Lita said...

Awesome macro shot! You got a fantastic set of water beads on that flower ...

Being goofy with friends is best! ☺ I enjoyed seeing the goofy pictures of you two -- It's always fun seeing what comes out of those picture booths :)

WOO-HOO for Leanne's accomplishments!!!

Art Expression said...

Hi Laura,
everything here is so beautiful and perfect...your photos are so amazing...I really like peachy is a good word to describe it..= )
Peace and Love


Laura said...

Thanks Lita and Nicole!