Monday, January 3, 2011

My Day in Photos

I took random pictures throughout the day today to document one day of my life. One of my goals for 2011, despite my ever present tendinitis, is to take my camera everywhere I go. I used to do that. I did it today. It was fun, snapping pics in places like the the Target parking lot and Whole Foods despite people looking at me, wondering what I was doing. At least no one yelled at me today for doing it. :)
So, I present to you My Day in Photos:
Coffee T-discs. The only way I can start my day. 

While sipping coffee, I post a pic to Flickr and checkout my contacts photos. Despite the fact that we just spent the entire night together, Sami wants to hang out with me during this morning time which also includes checking email and reading the blogs I follow.

Brewed up some Tea from Teavana to have iced in the afternoon. This mixture is Blueberry Bliss, Strawberry Slender and Monkey Picked Oolong.

Running errands including Target where I'm returning some earrings I found in a purse I bought. 

So happy I had my camera in the car! Shot out the window on my way to the post office. 

Bunnies at the Pet store. I promise myself that one day I will be a bunny mom. :)

Picking up items for dinner tonight at the local Whole Foods

Potted Orchids brighten up the entrance

In the parking lot there is Magic

This orange fountain was hidden behind Chipotle 

My favorite lunch...crispy tacos with guacamole from Chipotle

Counting Sheep.

After a nap, I need tea and chocolate. I begin working on today's blog post.

Into the art room to work on today's Awe-Manac entry

Time for exercise! River rafting via the X-box Kinect. Believe me, it will get your heart rate up!

Tonight's dinner: grilled vegetables and an orange and avocado salad

More journal fun from today's entries for the Awe-Manac:

Today I get to...take a long afternoon nap.

List 3 things you're glad you did already this year:
1) Blogging everyday
2) Sticking to my exercise plan
3) re-adjusting my goals to be more realistic

Today's Prompt is to begin with this sentence: I have arrived home and there is a hobbit asleep in my bed.

I have arrived home and there is a hobbit asleep in my bed. I am not alarmed or frightened for I know much about hobbits. I can tell by the unusually large and hairy feet that this hobbit is most likely a Proudfoot. I poke him gently with my finger and he bolts right up out of the bed, brown hair in a mess of misbehaving curls. He barely reaches my hips but his cheeriness more than makes up for the lack of height. 
"I'm Sancho Proudfoot". His voice was equally as jovial as his round face. 
"Did you come looking for gold in my pantry?" I was in no mood for niceties as I was very aware of Sancho's reputation. 
"Uh, why no!" He rocked back and forth, coins jingling in his pockets.
"How did you get here?" 
He pointed to the book that lay open on my bedside table. I had been reading Fellowship of The Ring and was currently on the chapter "A Long-Expected Party".
"Novel Jumping? I thought that was just a myth!" I long suspected it to be true but now I had proof standing here in my bedroom.
"The book must be opened to a page a character is on. Once opened, we can jump through the book into your world. Of course we always risk getting stuck if the reader closes the book before we can return to it."
"Well, In any case it's very nice to meet you but you really must be going. I have no gold of course but I won't send you off empty handed." I told him to wait as I went to the kitchen, returning a minute later with a package from my refrigerator. 
"Mushrooms! My favorite! I've never seen mushrooms this large before!"
"Portobellos" I said.
"Portobellos" he repeated.
And with that, Sancho lay a stubby little finger on the book. A swish of wind, a flash of silver light and he was gone.
I looked at the book. A thought suddenly struck me. Next time, I'll leave it open to a page devoted to Aragorn.

One last note: A very happy birthday wish to my favorite author in the whole wide world: J.R.R. Tolkien! :)


Lita said...

LOLOL! Okay, your imagination seriously knows no bounds! That was BRILLIANTLY conceived and very well written =) I like the "misbehaving curls" ... and how you left the book open for a more favored character to appear, lol. That would be kinda' cool, albeit scary (if in the wrong book) if that stuff could really happen.

And it was such a pleasure to accompany you today via all those lovely pics you took. Your food pics made me hungry ... and you most definitely look to be one fit and hot woman.

Okay, now to check out today's blog post ... Can't wait!

Amy Knutkowski said...

What an inspiring project! I never take my camera anywhere anymore because I don't think there's ever anything worth taking pictures of around here. Your gorgeous images prove I just need to look at things differently. I adore your parking lot shots!

Great story!! I love your ending. I'd leave it open to that page too! I'm also a big Tolkien fan. I raised a glass to "The Professor" myself yesterday. I even play Lord of the Rings Online. Shhh don't tell anyone I'm a big geek. Nevermind, they probably already figured that out. ROFL!!

Church of One said...

Fantastic, Laura! I love the images captured throughout the day. You took the time to see. And I really liked your journal entry, too.

Laura said...

Thank you so much for your comments!
Lita: Yes, I was thinking the same thing...especially if the book was Interview with a Vampire...Lestat showing up in my bedroom would scare the beejesus out of me!

Amy: I play LOTR on PS2 and I'm checking out the to find out news on the hobbit. I'm glad to know another LOTR fan! Geeks unite! :)

Carol: Thanks! I'm trying to be better this year about finding the wonder in the everyday. Hope I can just keep it up!

Alex said...

Just curious... did you have a mini trampoline in your Kinect photo that you photoshoped out. What an amazing jump! You were a busy little bee today thanks for taking us on your journey. The yummy tacos are calling me to our local Chipotle.

Laura said...

Haha! No, unfortunately trampolines and I do not get along. It was all me in the jump. When I jump, it doesn't feel like I get that high but then all the pics are like this and I'm always amazed myself,lol.