Monday, January 31, 2011

Art Enables Us to Find Ourselves

Name Today: Perth
Today I get to: watch Merlin

There is magic in the wild places of the world

The above photograph was taken in Great Britain, during the coldest & wettest day of a 8 day trek through the Scottish Highlands. I've been more than a dozen times to Britain, but even so, it calls to me still. There is something so very intriguing about an isle full of legend, mystery and above all, magic. You can feel it when you walk the old tracks or stand in a stone circle. It's palpable. Every since I was a little girl, I was enthralled by the stories and legends of Merlin. I read everything I could get my hands on, including Mary Stewart's Arthurian Saga, The Mists of Avalon and Morte D'Arthur. I even named two of my cats Merlin and Morgana. 

I have been re-watching episodes of Merlin, a British television series that my mom and I began watching together back in 2008. It's now showing in the USA on the Syfy channel, currently on the third season with a fourth season scheduled to begin filming soon. I love it. The relationship between a young optimistic boy named Merlin and the young, brash & arrogant Prince Arthur is hilarious and charming. There is also the "it can never be" relationship between the maidservant Guinevere and the future King of Camelot. And, lordy, when Lancelot shows up, well...he's hot. ☺
In addition, STARZ will soon begin airing a series on Camelot! Oh goody! More magical nights, more nights of my hubby reminding me I'm a big dorkasaurus. It's true, but I love hanging out in the dork forest. :)

I'm always inspired in my art by legends and folklore. I'm currently reading The Book of English Magic, a historical look at magic throughout England. There is so much I didn't know! The introduction alone was full of information and inspired the above piece. I'm only a few chapters in and already my creative brain is on overdrive! I'm being led to art and art will always allow me to find myself. As January comes to an end, the door to February opens and new pathways, new ideas and new creative goals come forth. 

Where will February's path lead you?

Into the Dork Forest I Go!


Nichole Renee said...

Have I mentioned that you inspire me? :)

Your "joie de vive" is the source of all your magic. It impresses and amazes me with every new post I read!

Laura said...

Thanks Nichole! And, Ditto! You inspire me too! Cheers to a creative February!

Angie said...

Beautiful path ~ looks like a path to an adventure ;). Lovely photography, Laura. xo

Anna said...

Thanks for the kind comment over at iStudio! I decided to check out your work. Oh my, amazing photography!!!! I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Samuli said...

Now this is a subject very close to my heart!

As a child I, too, loved stories about Robin Hood, knights and king Arthur (loved the Mists of Avalon!) - sometimes I thought that I was totally born in a wrong country, few hundred years too late :)

When visiting certain places in the UK, I’ve been almost overwhelmed by the feeling of age, history and untold stories there. I remember sliding my hand across a wall of the Dunnottar Castle and thinking that somebody was touching that same stone wall hundreds of years ago. It was one of those incredible moments that I'll remember for the rest of my life...

Thanks for the cool read and inspiration!
-Another resident of the Dork Forest

Laura said...

Angie and Anna: Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

Samuli: I'm so happy to have another resident in the dork forest. :)
I feel the same way: born in the wrong century/wrong country. Have you done any genealogy research? Maybe you are drawn there because your ancestors came from there. I found mine came from Ireland, Scotland, Sussex and Yorkshire.
I've been to Dunnotar and I felt the same way standing in the Banquet Hall...and just trekking there from the village, along the cliffside of the coast. It was an unforgettable experience!

Samuli said...

Actually my mother is a hobbyist genealogist; she has researched our ancestry quite carefully!

As far as she could tell, our furthest ancestors (from the 14th century) were Swedish sealers. But who knows, maybe there is some English/Scottish blood somewhere down the lineage - it would certainly explain a lot :)

Laura said...

Hi Samuli! Swedish Sealers sounds cool! I'm descended from the first Dutch settler to the USA, but no Scandinavian roots yet that I know of. I've searched my dad's mother's line back to the 1100 in England. Man, they kept GREAT records there!