Monday, August 1, 2011

Objects d'Attitude

Oh, hello August! I can't believe your here already!
The summer is skimming by and I've been trying to paddle upstream for the last few months.
It's been easy to be inspired, less so to be motivated.  I seem to do better when I have a creative
sister to push me, collaborate with me and keep me to a plan. My friend Nichole, (who has been paddling upstream as well, but with just one paddle!) has jumped on board with a plan to keep each other motivated by blogging our weekly creative goals on Monday and posting the results as we go along, or at least by Sunday. Sometimes it helps to be accountable to someone other than yourself! So without further ado, here are my creative goals for the week:

1) Finish Exploration Task #16. I really must get back on this journey as it opens the mind to what "art" can be and helps one break out of the box.

2) Create a piece of Digital Art. It's been a long time since I've done something digital. I have an if I can get it done in one day without the tendinitis rearing it's ugly head.

3) Do a page in each of the following journals: Dolly Art Journal, Europe 94, Sketchbook Project, Mixed Media Journal and the Nature Watercolor journal. Oh god. This seems daunting. Hmmm....No! I CAN! I WILL!

4) Do a project from my "Things to Make" board on Pinterest. This may or may not include items for my Mad Hatter Bunco party upcoming in February (yes, I MUST start now on it! I have lots of ideas!)

5) Head out with camera in tow to somewhere I've never been for a day of shooting nature. Take lots of water. It's damn hot out there.

6) Process the remaining images from the first day of the Cumbria Way and post to flickr. This is the most daunting because I took hundreds each day and combing through them to just keep the best is hard. Sometimes even a overcast, dull grey picture will evoke a warm  and sunny memory!

WHEW! Looking at that it does seem a bit challenging. But, I've already started by doing a page from The Awe-Manac:

Name today: Creatively Bound

Make a collage of several objects that have attitudes.

When I began to make this collage, I realized all the things that had "attitude" to me where things that technology has killed or is in the process of murdering.

Objects d'attitude
(or death by technology)
11x14 Mixed Media on Canvas

Enjoy the week ahead dear readers and I hope you all find time for Creativity, even if you have to pencil it in on the schedule! And Nichole, let's get busy girlfriend! xo


Nichole Renee said...

Busy, indeed!! We are a little crazy, huh? But we need this! We've wallowed for too long this summer! (Let's blame the humidity, shall we?)

To get myself started, I even picked up some matte glue and beads at the store! Onward and forward!!

Laura said...

Blaming the humidity sounds like a good idea to me,lol! Can't wait to see how we do by the end of the week!

Alex said...

I'm exhausted just listening to your plans. You two are amazing trying to tackle all of this. "May the force be with you."