Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Exploration #18: Structure

That most sordid of all havens, the corner, deserves to be examined.
~Gaston Bachelard

Exploration #18
Document part of a building that most people ignore (examples include the ceilings, bathrooms, corners, closets and the inside of drawers.) Pay attention to the hidden places. Alternate: Document the corners of your home.

I decided to go with the alternate and document some of the corners in and around my home. And, to make it a bit more fun and creative, I used the Hipstamatic iPhone app. All these were taken with the Salvador 84 lens and using the Dream Canvas film. What did I learn from this exploration task? That I need to dust. :)

In a corner of my bedroom sits a beautiful Orchid which is currently full of blooms.

A corner in my cabana bath. It's decorated with a large old window painted with a beach scene.

Closet Corner

 Art room corner. Filled with books, brushes and inspirations!

 Faerie Corner. A little area of my dining room hutch.

 The doll room

 This corner in the family room has a tall light.

Another corner in the family room has a window with a view of the pool and lake.

Foyer Corner

 This is a corner in the front room. My Georgian Doll house resides here.

 A dirty, cob-webby corner in the garage.

A corner in the Butterfly Garden.

 Guest bathroom corner. Many a previous self portrait has been taken here due to the natural light.

My favorite corner. Located in my English/French inspired guest room.

25 feet up the in a corner of the kitchen are window slices. These have clear, permanent hurricane shutters on them so we don't have to climb on the roof anymore and put them on.

A corner across the lake.

Laundry corner. When I see this it reminds me of how badly I want one of those new colored washer/dryer sets. This old, plain white set ain't cutting it anymore!

 Another favorite corner is this one in the master bath where ivy hangs over my bathtub. It's like soaking in the forest. I have paper butterflies and origami cranes tied to the vine.

 Patio corner. This is where the new kitten likes to be. She hides amongst the plants and bird watches. 


Nichole Renee said...

What a wonderful exploration! Isn't it wonderous to be inspired by your own surroundings and to see things you'd normally overlook? Great job, Laura!

And I have to go download that lens and film. Sheesh! ;)

Alex said...

Incredible! I love the canvas look it creates a great visual experience. I agree about the color washer/dryer sets. I just can't bring myself to spend the money when my plain white ones work just fine.

phoebe said...

What a fun project! And I love your ivy with the butterflies and cranes tied to it...very pretty. And now I want an i-phone...the photo apps are so much better than the ones on my droid...

Laura said...

Thanks! It was a fun task and yes, I love my iPhone Hipstamatic app! I just need that iPhone 5 with the better camera now!