Monday, August 15, 2011

A Handful of Moments

It happens every year when summer begins to wind down. My calendar becomes jam packed until January. Looking back, I understand now why I always have a really creative and productive January & February. It's because the last few months of the year are tough to find even a handful of moments to be with my creative self.  It started this past week. Most of the goals I set went by the wayside with the exception of my Exploration task as I just could not find the time to fit everything in. And I don't even have kids to get ready for school! I don't know how you creative mom's fit everything in! It boggles the mind, yes it does! The digital painting of the pinup was not even touched. Poor girl! I did manage to put some color on the oil paintings, but finish them? Nope. Not this week.



I didn't get much done with the watercolor lessons. I'm still on the lesson for painting skies and clouds. One of my goals this week is to finish that lesson. I think I can manage that. :)

Starting a watercolor lesson on painting skies.

Although I did have a creative day shooting Leanne's head shots, I did not get them all processed over the weekend as I had hoped. I have a beach shoot scheduled with her this week so my goal is to finish all of the images and get them on disc before she heads back to NYU.  Here are some playful shots I processed this morning, done with a vintage filter. 

 Hair Flippin' 

 Summer Breeze

Well Worn

Since I've been having luck finding the time to continue with my Exploration tasks, I will do #18 this week. I've been inspired by my friend Nichole to hit a library book sale. She found some great books to alter and we have one coming up this week. I'm also attending a production of Pinocchio with Daniel in the lead! Although I'm not doing anything creative, I'm sure I'll be inspired by the show and his performance. My final goal is to add color to this sketch in my Doll Dream Journal:

I would love to hear how all of you find ways to fit in your creative goals, especially around this time of the year with school starting and the holidays fast approaching! We need to keep each other motivated and inspired as our calenders get squeezed like juicy lemons! :)


Nichole Renee said...

Obligations? Boo! Hiss! Let's just run away from them all! I was watching a documentary on the states, and northern Maine seems to be a good destination. Nothing but nature up there! You in?

Seriously, we will find time to smoosh in creativity. What we may have to do is 1) be very realistic about our goals [like two goals instead of twenty] and 2) schedule time instead of trying to find it.

We can do this! :)

Laura said...

Maine sounds like a great escape! I'm sure they artist retreats up there! Haha to the "two goals instead of twenty". We are a bit ambitious at times! Yes, we can do it!

Alex said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. You will just have to take advantage of the time you will have. Remember... it is okay to say no to people. You need time for you too.

Laura said...

Thanks! I'm pretty good about saying no except when travel calls,lol.