Friday, August 12, 2011

A Day with Leanne

Today I picked up Daniel & Leanne and after dropping Daniel off at acting camp (Next week he is the lead in Pinocchio!) Leanne & I headed to Fern Forest Nature Preserve to shoot some natural light head shots for her 3rd year at NYU's Tisch School of Drama. She told me how this past year she got to attend a lecture with Alan Rickman (aka SNAPE! or if you're my husband HANS GRUBER!) and how there were only 20 people in the lecture and she sat in the front row, just a foot from the brilliant actor. Lucky duck! Of course, she works hard at her craft and loves every second of school. She was also excited to find out one of the plays in this upcoming year will be Three Sisters by Chekhov, one of her favorite playwrights. Here are a few of the shots from today. These are a lower resolution to prevent theft. Full resolution pics are available to view on my flickr stream.

 This shot cracks me up because there were HUGE banana spiders hanging everywhere. I'm not afraid of spiders but Leanne was doing her best not to freak out and run. She had a bit of nervous laughter while keeping an eye on the spiders above her head. It was a perfect moment to snap a shot. :)

Of course I had to do something creative in Photoshop.
 Here I blew a shot up, desaturated the color
 and upped the yellow to give it a vintage tint before cropping it tight.


the soul is in the eyes

Double L

We have one more shoot planned before she heads back to New York and we'll probably spend it at the beach. Stay tuned for part two...


phoebe said...

These are beautiful shots Laura! I love the one you captioned with "the soul is in the eyes". Wow! Looks like you two had a productive day.
I'm woefully far behind on blogging and commenting but I've been keeping up with you, just having issues with google letting me post my comments, ugh!
If you ever decide that you want to take a trip to New York to visit her let me know...I'd love to be your travel buddy :)

Nichole Renee said...

These are lovely, Laura! She's such a pretty girl! And far braver than I...the banana spiders would have sent me running out of there!

Angie said...

Hi, Laura. These are all beautiful ~ her eyes are captivating. Hope all is well with you ;)!!

Laura said...

Thanks Nichole! Not only banana spiders but mosquitoes too! I'm still scratching this morning.

Thanks Angie! She's beautiful inside and out! All is well here..hope you are enjoying the summer!

Alex said...

What a lovely young lady. Leanne's eye are very striking. How lucky... Snape! I bet the lecture was great.

Laura said...

Yes, both her and Daniel have gorgeous eyes. And they are great kids to boot!