Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Best from Around the Web

I love the website Pinterest. It's an amazing source of inspiration and ideas...people post items found from all

over the web that they love. This is a place where really, only beautiful things reside. In this cumulative world

you can find ideas for the home & garden, fashion, DIY art & craft projects, delicious food and recipes, ideas

for every occasion on the calendar and of course, my personal & photography.

Each week I hope to post my best finds from Pinterest. Think of it as a "best from the web"...a combo of

interesting and pretty things to inspire and make my readers smile. The original source for the image is found

underneath each post. When possible, I've included a link to items that can be purchased on the web.

DIY Craft Idea:

I'm so doing this...wildflowers in clear light bulbs, hanging from a tree. Genius!

The Must Have of the Week:
Perfect for when I have to bring an appetizer or dessert to Bunco!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

There are no words for how beautiful this is. Next trip to France I'm heading here!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

Heart Warmer:

How cute is this???

Amazing Art:

So beautiful.

Words to Live By

A perfect way to end the post.


Alex said...

Great quote! Dumbledore has great words of wisdom.

What does one fill strawberries with after they have been cored?

Laura said...

I agree! I'm thinking to fill the Strawberries with goat cheese and topped with pine nuts!