Monday, August 29, 2011


Last week was a real bust as far as my non-photography goals went. I did manage to sketch on a couple of pages in the 1947 illustrated copy of Little Women that I purchased at last week's library sale but those aren't finished so I can't quite share them yet. I didn't even attempt the next Exploration task or do watercolor lessons. :(

I did get a new book last week while with Lita called "The Art of iPhoneography: A Guide to Mobile Creativity." iPhoneography is really about creativity in the palm of your hand. Shooting images with the iPhone camera can yield unexpected and surprising results. The processing is easier. It's more widely accepted in a group of people because, let's face it, it's a whole lot less conspicuous than a huge DSLR camera around your neck. And the images don't have to be dull and boring. In fact, it can be quite exciting to shoot with the iPhone. Some photo apps, like my personal favorite, The Hipstamatic, is a grab back of lenses, films and flashes. Give the iPhone a quick shake and it pairs a random combo for you. You won't know what the image looks like until after you've shot it. It's like those moments of waiting for a Polaroid to develop...which by the way, you can shoot with the iPhone!

Lita and I had a creative weekend of shooting on Sanibel Island. I had decided that I would shoot mostly with the iPhone, which helped cut the amount of images shot with the D90 down to just 200. Normally, I would shoot around 400 images. That means 400 images to process. The iPhone images are processed on the phone, sometimes instantly. By having less processing on the computer, my tendinitis just might have a chance to heal. I'm all for that!

So, I will share more of our adventure later this week when I have time to process some of the D90 pics but today's post is all about the iPhone so here are a few of my favorites from this weekend. I mostly used the Hipstamatic with the "shake" turned on. After every picture snapped, I would give the phone a shake and get a different lens and film combo. It was so much fun and completely surprising! A couple of occasions ("Lonely  Summer" and "Topless") I chose the lens and film combo myself, knowing exactly what I wanted to achieve and what combo would get me the look I was going for.

Flower Love
Lens: Salvador 84
Film: Alfred Infrared
Flash: Off

Lazy Mornings
Lens: Bettie XL
Film: Float
Flash: Off

Lonely Summer
Lens: John S
Film: Kodot XGrizzled
Flash: Off

Lens: Kaimal Mark II
Film: Ina's 1969
Flash Off

Beach Photographer
Film: Watts
Film: Cano Cafeno
Flash: Off

Sunset Over Sanibel
Lens: Hornbecker
Film: Ina's 1935
Flash: Off

The Wooden Swing
Lens: Melodie
Film: Alfred Infrared
Flash: Off

My creative goals this week will also involve the iPhone. In "The Art of iPhoneography", there are 100 missions to help spark your creativity. I've written down each mission on a folded piece of paper and put them into a jar. Each week I'll pull one of the missions which I will then shoot with the iPhone. Nichole will also be participating in this challenge and I encourage anyone with an iPhone to join us! Let's see what we all come up with! Here's the one for this week:

Mission #1: Visit a farm and explore a worn path.

I think this one will be a piece of cake for Nichole who lives in rural PA and has a whole series of barn images that are amazing! Living in tropical South Florida may prove a challenge. But hey! I'm up for it!

Additional goals this week are to add color to the Little Women pages, do an Exploration task and finish a watercolor lesson. And of course processing all the images I took this weekend. I feel pretty good about the week ahead as far as fitting everything in. I also would like to take a series of iPhone pics of the same image using all the different combinations of lenses & films and make a little flip book for myself so I can have it as a reference guide when out shooting with the iPhone. 

I wish you all a creative week ahead and hope a few of you will join us for the iPhone challenge!


phoebe said...

I love these pictures! All of the effects here are really cool. My droid has a similar app but with different effects. Maybe I will unofficially play along :)

Laura said...

Thanks Phoebe! You should totally play along! It'll be a way for you to sneak some creativity in as well! So glad you survived Irene! Let's hope for no more this year!

Nichole Renee said...

Great Hipsta pics! Love the one of you in the hammock!

I'm super excited about these weekly challenges; for the next week or so, that may be my only creative outlet!!

And the more the merrier! Join us, Phoebe!! :)

Alex said...

Great pics! I can't believe they are taken with a phone and you didn't have to do any processing. I really like Flower love.I may have to break down and get an iPhone. I am phone shopping:)

Laura said...

Nichole: I'm looking forward to the challenges too although this first one is going to require a road trip,lol.

Alex: Thanks! Yes, Lita was very excited about not doing any processing as you well know, her wrist issues keep her from spending time on Photoshop. I do think I talked her into an iPhone as well! There will be 100 weeks of these missions so as soon as you get one you can join in!

Lita said...

Theses pics are SOOO frickin' awesome.... Green with envy over here :)

I am SOOOO getting an iphone once the new one comes out!

These are fabulous captures that instantly tell a story and bring back recent magical memories ♥

Laura said...

I'm excited for you to get an iPhone too! It was a fun weekend!!

Samuli said...

Cool read and shots - thanks!

All my friends have iPhones and they love it, but (being the caveman that I am) I have never been sold on the idea of smartphones. I'm just not a big fan of labyrinth-like menus and useless functions.

But maybe I should reconsider my opinion on this issue - I do like the idea of having a camera with me all the time! So maybe when I'll finally win the lottery :)

Anyway, greetings from Finland and have a nice day!

Laura said...

Thanks Samuli! It's actually a lot less labyrinth-like than you would think and yesterday I learned you can actually adjust exposure BEFORE you take the shot just by tapping on a light or dark area of an image. I love this quote "the best camera is the one that's with you". :) And, if you win the lottery, you're taking me on a trek!LOL!!

littlepurplecow said...

Reading about your experience with my little book makes me so happy. I am thrilled to know it's in your hands. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


Laura said...

Thanks so much Stephanie! I love your book and it will provide me and many others with wonderful inspiration! xo