Sunday, August 14, 2011

Exploration #17: Instant Sculpture

Exploration #17
Instant Sculpture
Consider that everything around you is a source for sculpture.
Try making quick pieces using whatever you have around you in the moment., when I read this I was sitting in my art room. I opened a drawer filled with wood pieces, thinking I would see if anything in there inspired me to make a sculpture. I saw packs of chopsticks that I get whenever I order sushi. I thought those would be perfect for a tepee. Not just any tepee...a faerie tepee!

Chopsticks in the wood drawer. These were the inspiration for the Faerie Dream Tepee 

*~Faerie Dream Tepee ~*

 Detail of the top. I used only what I had on hand. Besides the chopsticks, I used canvas fabric that I painted with acrylic and watercolor to make the covering of the tepee. The base was a piece of styrofoam covered with moss and trimmed in small river rocks. The top included dried wildflower heads, quail feathers and paper butterflies. The final touch was a wood sign and a sticker with the word Dream. not disturb the sleeping faerie! She lays on a bed of Spanish Moss. The faerie is one from my collection. Somehow, she found her way to this magical tent right after I finished making it!

Back detail. A large sun and yellow butterfly add to the happiness of the tepee.

*If anyone is interested in purchasing this cute little faerie tepee (minus the faerie, of course!), it will be available in my Etsy shop.


Nichole Renee said...

Adorable! I love that you looked at a pair of chopsticks and thought "Faerie tepee." I would've thought "I'm hungry for sushi."

What a wonderful exploration exercise! So glad you were able to squeeze one in for this week!

Laura said...

Thanks! It was a fun exploration for sure!

Alex said...

Your tepee is incredible. You really took this task and made it yours.I bet someone will snatch it away from your faerie in no time.

Laura said...

Thanks! And it only took me half a day,lol!