Monday, August 22, 2011

An Inspired Week

What a week! I've finally gotten into a creative rhythm and have figured out ways to fit art and photography into my daily life despite obligations and a new kitten! How long will it last? I'm hoping forever...:)

Somehow this past week I was able to fit in a creative shooting day with both Leanne & Lita. I did some experimental photography and completed another Exploration task. A few shots from my day with Lita:

Dock Reflections


 By Chance


This week in art:
I finished a page in my Doll dreams journal:
 Angel Heart

I finally finished the watercolor lessons on painting skies. Clouds I think I got...storms, not so much,lol.

I even went above and beyond my goals and did a spread in my mixed media journal:

Romeo & Juliet

I even started an Acrylic painting on canvas:

Winter is Coming

I even made time to run 19 miles this week and see Daniel as Pinocchio in the play "My Son, Pinocchio". And finally, inspired by my friend Nichole, I hit the Plantation Library Book Sale and came home with lots of goodies, most that will be disassembled and used in art projects. A few will go onto my bookshelves.

This week I'm back to eBaying for my clients so that will take up a good chunk of my time. And, there is this gal called Irene moving through the Caribbean, causing me to change all my plans for this week as I get ready for her arrival. Still, I want to stay on this creative roll so my goals for week are to finish the next watercolor lesson (learning to paint water!) and complete another Exploration task. And of course, I would like to fit in a day or two of photography. Full steam ahead! :)


Nichole Renee said...

Laura, I am so proud of you and so inspired by you! I thought about you all week and hoped that you would be able to squeeze in just a smidge of creativity...You did amazing! Look at all of that!

Your watercolor lessons are going wonderfully! Those clouds? Love!

And the mixed media journal? Ach! I'm dying to just do one mixed media page!

Well done, my friend! And now, batten down the hatches!!

Laura said...

Thanks! I was able to accomplish all of this thanks to coffee and lack of sleep...oh, and it helps if you just ignore household chores,lol.

Alex said...

You have been a busy little bee. What motivation and inspiration! You found some great finds at the library. Our library usually has stacks of romance books. I like winter is coming. It reminds me of a scene from The Chronicles of Narnia.

Laura said...

Thanks! I enjoyed the book sale. Everything in the entire library was on sale! It was great...of course I hit the art section first. :)