Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Hunt for Bigfoot

Missy and Laura's Bigfoot Adventures

Missy and I finally begin our long-dreamed hunt for Bigfoot!
We headed out into the foothills of Oklahoma with video in hand
to track down this mythical (or is he?), and honestly, quite smelly beast.

Our first stop was the last time Missy spotted Bigfoot when she was driving through Oklahoma.
He was standing in a field off a little country road. She tells it best:
I start to get just a wee bit freaked out when I smelled him, and let me tell you that's one strong scent he leaves behind. Probably the best piece of equipment for tracking this thing is our noses!

We spotted him down this Oklahoma red dirt road:

We thought we saw him dash off the road when we pulled in and sure enough, we found some tracks!

We continued down further into Oklahoma and out of the blue sky dropped a Flying Saucer!
It landed just in front of us in a field of yellow. By the time we got up there and pulled the car over, it had zoomed up to the sky with lightening speed and disappeared into the atmosphere!

Already it was beginning to shape up to be an exciting morning and after a quick stop for lunch we continued searching for him. We spotted him bathing, without soap, in this pond:
As soon as we got out of the car, he was running off through the trees.
We chased him down this old dirt road into a heavely forested area where, we finally lost him. :(

We will be updating our equipment and planning out our next search area soon, so stay tuned
for more of Missy and Laura's Bigfoot Adventure!


Lita said...

OMG! This is an amazing and impressive documentary of your hunt for Big Foot! The videos made me feel like I was right there with you ... It's awesome you did eventually get to see him! I'm surprised he bathes at all considering the smell you were describing. Anyway, what are the chances of also siting a UFO and the place it landed?! You two brave souls know where it's at! I'm relieved it didn't whisk you two away! I look forward to hearing more of and witnessing your adventurous accounts. Be careful! ☺ ♥

Laura said...

Thanks Lita! Wish you could have been here to join the hunt with us! Yes, he was very smelly but I think if we get a hold of him we can teach him all about proper hygiene. :)

Catherine... said...

Lol, so glad the aliens didn't abduct you. If you see them again, you could ask them to help you look for Big Foot... :D