Monday, July 26, 2010

Sketchbook Art

I've finished pages 4 & 5 of my moleskine for the Sketchbook Project 2011 and keeping with my theme of "Below the Surface", I did a two-page spread of a submarine. For this one, I used paint, markers and pens.  Simple, but with a powerful and inspirational quote. It's never really dark...there is always light somewhere, even if it's deep within our own's there. :)

I also did the second page of my Gypsy Journal. For this journal, I am taking text from a page of a magazine, using it to create a mini-story and then creating a page to match.

Still life snapshots
create a real-life sense of being
ponder little moments
connect to the world

This week I will work on my next Exploration task and a digital art piece involving four of my girlfriends as "just arrested" party girls! You won't want to miss that one!


Lita said...

Your work on the submarine far surpassed any expectations I had about it! Wonderful job, Laura! Who needs digital art when you could be this creative without it! Lovely quotes too ☺

shabby*girl said...

Loving all these recent blog posts and ART!!!!! You go, girl! Big hugs!

Laura said...

Thanks girls! Starting my next pages already! :)