Saturday, July 31, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

During my recent trip to Kansas, Gina booked a tour of the haunted Glick Mansion for us. Leilani, Trena, Gina and I headed out with the excitement of this grand tour and possibly freaking ourselves out enough that when we got back to Gina's later in the evening for our slumber party, we would be too scared and giggly to sleep. However, things didn't go quite as planned and the only thing haunting us was the memory of sitting through a depressing lecture at Glick that became known as "the funeral". It only made us want to start drinking sooner!

Damn Hell Bathroom Shot
Tourist Information Center, Atchinson, Kansas

Foursome on the porch of Amelia Earhart's home
Atchison, Kansas

Dinner at The Riverhouse
Atchison, Kansas
Ironically enough, there was a wedding going on at The Riverhouse. When the waitress came and asked us if we were with the wedding party, I blurted out "no, we just came from a funeral" which made us all laugh but the poor waitress went "oh, I'm so sorry!". Gina, feeling bad for the poor gal, told her we were only joking and we didn't really come from a funeral. :)

Leaving The Riverhouse. I call this shot "Reflections of Friendship". 

*After dinner we headed back to Gina's but we ended up stopping off at a strip club where we drank a lot of Mojitos, wasted a lot of dollar bills, got a little rowdy and ended up getting busted for dubious behavior!

*Uh-oh! Girls Gone Wild! Busted!

*Booked into the Atchison County Jail

*Story completely fabricated for dramatic effect...we're all angels! :)

One of my many talents is convincing my friends to go along with my crazy antics. It's just one of the many reasons I love them. :)


Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy! The things I let you talk me into! LOL


Laura said...

I know...and you just keep saying yes!LOL!

trenagay said...

Now you know I LOVE a good prank Laura! I'd help you pull-off any other ditty you'd need help with in the future. Just let me know. . . "trixie"

heavenly~flower said...

Hilarious!! And I even had the pre-meno blues! LOL!
xo Lei

Lita said...

What scandalous fun! All four of you look convincingly rough ;P

Laura said...

It was a fun, what will I come up for next time?? Be very afraid,lol. :)

Alex said...

Looks like you had a great time! I think it is wonderful you have friends that trust you with their photos. Great mug shots :)

Laura said...

Thanks for your comment Alex! We did have a great time...they may not trust me after this though,lol. :)