Sunday, July 18, 2010

Creative Saturday: Art Books & a Sketchbook

Yesterday was Creative Saturday with Lita. We were scheduled for a Traditional Art day. Although we are better digital artists, traditional art still calls to us. We aren't professionals, we've not had many lessons, but we have passion and determination. Normally you would find us delving into something with abandon. But, since I had been on holiday for nearly three weeks we had more on our minds than art. We had some catching up to do!
So, we met in the morning at our favorite store Barnes & Noble for coffee and a chat before perusing the magazine rack where I purchased the latest Creative Photoshop and Lita bought Writer's Magazine.(I'm now trying to convince her to join me to write an entire novel in November!) Then, we hit the art books. Lita was a good girl and only purchased two items. We like our limit to be $60 or less when we go, which is usually just once a month during our Traditional Art days. I went a bit over that but got a bevy of fun stuff including the "How to Be An Explorer of the World" book that Lita and I have been doing tasks from. She was having to email them to me each week because I couldn't find it at B&N before now:
When we finally got back to my house we only had an hour before Lita would need to leave so we decided to have a creative powwow and come up with a list of ideas for my Sketchbook Project theme "Below the Surface". I had started the first sketch the night before with every intention of working on it for Traditional Art day but since time slipped away from us, the creative idea session seemed more feasible. I had already begun a list and had twelve ideas but by the time Lita left, we added 25 more to the list! Thanks Lita for helping with the brainstorming session!
Now, it will be up to me to execute them all!

The Moleskine provided it's own challenges, with thin pages not really suitable for watercolor. We can add our own paper to make it more durable but the dimensions must stay the same. My first sketch was a test to see just how my media would hold up. I chose pen, colored pencils, watercolor pencils and traditional watercolors. The paper did wrinkle from the water just a bit but not as bad as I thought it was going to. I'm probably going to stick with colored pencils and pens for this years project and maybe next year, after seeing how others incorporate other paper, I may try watercolor for the year 2012 (if the world doesn't end like the Mayan's say it will!).

My first sketch for the project comes from a dream I had which is also written on the page:
"The night before I received my sketchbook
I dreamed I was standing in a murky Thai river
and there were catfish all around my feet."
As I start the next sketch I wonder how my cohorts in this project are coming along...Missy? Phoebe?
Next week Lita and I will be participating in Worldwide Photowalk Day! Til then, keep art close to your heart! :)


Alex said...

Great sketch! It all really comes to life. I can see the light and movement of the catfish. I can't wait to see what other creations enter your book.

Lita said...

Thank goodness you came back when you did ... Who knows what I would've done, left to my own devices ;)

I had a fun day catching up and brainstorming with you :)

You have to know how tickled and wowed I am by the colors you added to your sketch! Again, your art exceeds my expectations!!! Awesome beginning ~ Keep up the inspiring work =) ♥

Laura said...

Thanks girls! Got a long way to go but your support means a lot!

phoebe said...

I love this. What a great beginning to your sketchbook. I'm working on mine some more today and once the paint dries I'm going to scan the first two pages.
I can't wait til we get to visit this exhibit in person!!!!

Laura said...

Thanks Phoebe! I absolutely love your first pages! So beautiful! I'm so happy you are doing this with me too!