Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exploration #5: The First Thing You See

Start a collection based on the first found object you see on your walk, whatever that is.  You decide what the connection between the objects is (can be based on shape, color, size, etc.)

Since I'm back in the suburbs, there isn't much to be found that isn't nature related. Thus, the first thing I saw when I walked out my door was a downy duck feather. Perfect! With all the nature in my yard, this should have been easy, a variety of feathers to be found. Wrong! I found very few feathers over the week. A few from my favorite bird, the Blue Jay, were the most exciting find. I waited all week for Picasso the Duck to drop a loose feather that was on his back but as of today, he is still holding onto it! I did manage to find two large duck feathers and several of the super soft downy feathers including one that was all white, my favorite of the collection.
I will continue to collect feathers and put them in my Spirit Basket or use them in my art. Every time I pick up a feather, it reminds me of a time when Charlie and I were first dating and he was showing me around his backyard. When I picked up a feather he freaked out about how many germs it probably contained.  It makes me laugh when I remember that moment. :)


phoebe said...

Yet another thing that you and I have in time I took one of my brothers and Madison (when she was about 7 or 8) to historic Jamestown and found some great feathers to collect. My brother freaked out about all of the germs. Whatever, I still collect feathers and everything else.

Love your ideas Laura :)

Laura said...

LOL..thanks for sharing that story Phoebe! I guess those boys don't understand us "nature" girls! :)

Lita said...

That's a lot of feathers to collect within such a short period of time ... of course, you *are* situated on what I'd deem a wildlife preserve, lol. I was laughing about your waiting for Picaso's feather to fall to add to your collection, but then it never did :)

Laura said...

LOL..'tis true..I do live on a wildlife preserve,lol. I finally got Picasso's feather...he dropped two of them today. :)