Monday, July 19, 2010

The Gypsy Journal

My beautiful cousin and friend Missy made us matching Gypsy Journals filled with watercolor paper.  The journals are so gorgeous with a ribbon tie adorned with a metal key and heart. She even made a matching bookmark! I had originally sketched my first page while on our Bigfoot Adventure but had decided later that this very special journal needed a very special theme. I chose to fill this Gypsy Journal with "mini stories", each sketch/watercolor would include random words cut from one page of a book or magazine. The words from that one page would then be used to form a random story. The story would dictate the image instead of the image coming first. With the idea in place I cut the first page today, arranged the words into a mini story, sketched and watercolored the image:

I ran away
dressed in my petulant tears
holding my breath
Spellbound by
sparkling shades of turquoise
wearing a smile
like a globe of jelly.

This was a great challenge in that it could be done in a few hours. Fitting art into day is always a plus!


shabby*girl said...

I LOVE IT, darling!!!!!!

Alex said...

I am impressed with every little detail. You even have the cushion sinking down from the weight. I would never think to do that. You are talented in so many different mediums.:)

Laura said...

Thanks so much girls!!