Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exploration #4: Daily Walk

Here’s Exploration #4: Daily Walk- Collect objects only on your way to work or school every day. (Try to collect thirty).
Since I don't have a "normal" job or go to school, and I was on holiday in Kansas, I decided to collect items anytime I was out walking, shooting photographs of the Heartland.  
This task was a lot harder than it sounded. Oklahoma and Kansas are very clean...objects on the ground were few and far between. However, I did manage in the end to collect thirty items, in addition to, although not shown, a dead snake and a serious case of fire ant bites that swelled my foot up so that I became a "bigfoot" myself!
Below is a list of what I found with a corresponding photograph:

1) rusty nail
2) rusty can top
3) rusty tail pipe
4) rusty barbed wire
5) rusty hinge
6) thistle (which dried a beautiful purple)
7) dried wildflower
8) tiny feather
9) black rubber knob
10) roman candle 
11) real butterfly
12) faux butterfly
13) painted rock
14) three rocks from The Medicine Wheel in Lawrence, Kansas
15) paper parachute
16) toy bus
17) penny
18) pinecone
19) hair tie
20) rock from Gina's driveway
21) yellow rubber piece
22) sliver of seashell
23) horse chestnut
24) green leaf
25) yellow leaf
26) red leaf
27) rubber knob
28) mulberry stem
29) small round seed pod
30) large yellow seed pod

All these items were collected while I was with friends and/or family members. It made the "collecting" that much more fun.  It took longer than I had hoped but maybe it was a lesson to "slow down" and not try to rush my way through life. 


Lita said...

You weren't kidding about all the rusty's :) Such a varied collection! The toy bus is my favorite :) Congrats on finding 30!

Laura said...

Thanks! It was hard to find 30! Can't wait to see what you found! xo

Alex said...

I hope you were up to date on your tetanus shot:) You had some very interesting finds. I didn't know they still made paper parachutes.

Laura said...

Thanks Alex!
I was really excited about finding that parachute. I used to love those when I was a kid. :)