Saturday, July 24, 2010

Worldwide Photowalk Day 2010

For today's Creative Saturday, Lita and I got up early (4:30am!) to head to Hollywood Beach to participate in Worldwide Photowalk Day 2010. After a few sunrise shots and a group photo, everyone headed off to do their own thing and Lita and I strolled down the boardwalk to find interesting and odd things to shoot. Here are a few of my favorites from the morning:

Sunrise on Hollywood Beach

Mod Shadow Girls

Beach Pairs

Yellow and Blue

The walk was suppose to be from 7am until 11am when the group would then meet at a restaurant for lunch. However, after two hours of walking around in the sun and humidity, I began to get heat stroke so we decided to go to cool off in Barnes and Noble until it was time to meet for lunch. As is typical whenever Lita and I end up at Barnes and Noble, we lost track of time and missed the lunch get-together so we went to Friday's for lunch instead.

Lita at Friday's, snapping pics of pics on the wall. :)

After refueling, we headed over to Home Depot to get paint chips to use in a future Exploration task as well as Michaels where Lita purchased some watercolors and I got some decorative paper. All in all, it was another inspiring and creative day!


Lita said...

Such delicious photos! You are quite the photographer. So despite waking up early, pushing you to near heat stroke and being up for so many hours straight, I had a blast, as I always do when we're together!

I have to laugh as I recall how we were just grabbing (especially like me) all those paint chips like starved children.

And I can't wait to finally get the chance to put all those expensive books to use ... Hopefully, that's someday soon, while I'm cocooning.

How funny that you took a picture of me taking a picture of pictures, lol :)

Laura said...

It was a great day! I laugh too when I think of us raiding Home Depot for paint samples,lol. In fact, I didn't get any pink! I had to go back today to get some!