Monday, June 28, 2010

Exploration #3: Light Vision

Lita and I continued on with our Exploration challenges.  #3 had two options and I chose Light Vision:

Pay attention to light patterns, reflections and projections.  Consider that they are everywhere.  Document them.

Being a photographer, light is something I'm always looking for and paying attention to.  So although it wasn't very challenging, it was a great reminder that light reflections, shadows and patterns are everywhere.  Here are some examples I captured this week:

Late afternoon sun casting light patterns through the window onto the wood floor.

Late morning sun casting reflections and strange colored streaks out of the clouds

Early morning sun casting shadows from a vintage fork.

Here are some of my past favorite captures of light patterns, reflections and shadows:

Light pattern during High Tea at the Ritz in London

Winter Reflections

Shadow Cat

Light is everywhere. We wake up with it, we eat dinner by it, it shines a light through our bedroom window at night. It grows our food and warms our bodies. Light is part of us. 
May your path always have light,


Lita said...

Funny how you too commented on how easily this assignment came to you, being a photographer. I said the same, but toward the end :)

The first image with the streaks of light coming out of the clouds is wicked cool ... as was the one you took while at high tea!

Well seen with the Shadow Cat! I would've been paying too close attention to her cuteness to notice her shadow :)

I soooo LOVED what you wrote: "It grows our food and warms our bodies. Light is part of us.
May your path always have light," ☺ ♥

It's so fun to do these assignments with you!!!

Laura said...

Thanks! I much fun to participate and do this together!