Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Exploration #7: World of Color

Exploration #7: World of Color
Collect paint chips from a paint or hardware store. Find colors you respond to in the world. Attempt to match them using the chips. Make notes of where you saw the colors.

I had grand plans for this Exploration task: to go outside and match the paint chips to things in my garden and surrounding yard. I would take photographs of all the glorious things I would find on top of the paint chips, the two colors melding into one. However, this was probably not a great idea considering it was nearly 100 degrees with 100% humidity. Also, it was not easy to find colors to match because all the plants are done blooming. After spending two hours finding just two items,  I got heatstroke.
A floral stem from my Asparagus fern

Yellow Marigolds from my garden

I then decided to do what was shown in the book and match the paint chips to different colors found in my air-conditioned home and just write them on the chips. Click on the picture to see it large and read the colors.

Matching Sami's (my tortoise shell cat) fur was the most challenging. I had about 10 chips of different browns and only one matched some of her fur. She has so many colors! Even the black in her fur isn't true black. And every time I stuck a paint chip into her fur, she turned around and yelled at me. :)

Despite the frustration I felt in not being able to find a bunch of things in nature due to the heat, I'm keeping the paint chips for Springtime when things are in bloom and will continue my plan of matching colors. I definitely took enough from the hardware store to last a lifetime!


Lita said...

Splendid and perfect match of the Eggshell Cream and Citrus Splash. I'm glad you got out of the heat before you got fullblown heatstroke!

I'm still laughing as I envision you putting paint chips against Sami and her retaliating, lol :)

I'm impressed you were able to find 12 items inside to match your paint chips. The thought of you going around your house, digging stuff out to match your paint chips makes me laugh too :)

Did you put any of the paint chips against Charlie? lol ;P

Alex said...

I'm starting to think the book should have come with a warning of possible health risk...collecting rusty items, broken glass, heat stroke etc. I do hope you took care of yourself and you are feeling better. Your post made me giggle as I too have (possibly had) grand plans for matching up my paint chips. I may have to rethink my path.

Laura said...

Thank you girls! Yes, my frustration kind of took the wind out of my sails when it came to this task. But, I look forward to both of your entries!