Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Saying Yes to the Muse in 2012

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Shh..listen. Do you here that? 2012 is right around the corner. She is peeking out behind the holiday decorations, whispering "are you ready?" in a voice of quiet determination. She want us to be ready. Ready for the next creative adventure. Ready to say YES to the muse. And that will be my slogan for 2012...Say Yes to the Muse!

Have you reviewed 2011 yet and made your creative goals for 2012? Here is my review of 2011 and my goals for 2012. It's good to put it out into the Universe, either on a blog or on a dream board.

My dream board for 2012

Jill Badonsky, author of  The Awe-manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder and The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Bodyguard) Third Edition talks about finding out what worked for you the previous year and doing it just 5% more. When I look back on 2011, I see that the first half of the year was much more creative for me in terms of output. I did my best photography, digital art, traditional art and writing the first few months of the year. Of course, I had three personal losses the last half of the year so that did kind of side-line me from feeling motivated and creative. It wasn't a complete loss however. I had more monetary success in the last half of the year with images selected by Urban Outfitters, Country Living Magazine and the Somerset Department of Tourism. I won first place in a photo contest for the theme Abstract and I licensed images through Getty and for the third year in a row, Ziti Publishing, a greeting card company.

Art Journals

What worked for me last year was having time set aside everyday for my creative self. This year, I'm going to do that again. I'll set creative appointments for myself and show up every day ready to say YES to the muse. The difference this year is that I'm going to do it EVERY DAY regardless of where I am, or what is happening. I can surely fit in 15 minutes for writing or art journaling if nothing else, right? I'm ready to once again be inspired by The Awe-Manac (OMG...she is working on a new book! I can hardly wait!) and also A Writer's Book of Days: A Spirited Companion and Lively Muse for the Writing Life by Judy Reeves. I'm ready to say YES to the muse!

In 2012 I'll finish projects started, attend my first artist retreat and hop over the pond for a bit of relaxation and inspiration. I'll once again make the commitment to carry my camera with me everywhere I go and to spend some time with my vintage film cameras. I'll continue the iPhone missions, my Exploration Tasks and to inspire and motivate all of you. I'm looking forward to entering more photo contests, getting more stock sold, showing up in more national publications, learning new skills, improving techniques and reconnecting with my inner spirit through yoga and nature. I'm looking forward to spending time with friends and family in new locations and familiar surroundings. I'm looking forward to saying YES to the muse!

2012 can stop all the whispering and subtle hints now. I'm ready. Are you??


Nichole Renee said...

I'm ready to be ready!! Ha ha!!

I have a good feeling about 2012 for you! Once you say yes to the muse, she says yes to you!!!

Alex said...

I'm with Nicole. I have good intentions to be ready :)