Sunday, December 25, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #17

Mission #17: Grant yourself permission to make a self-portrait every day this week only.


I had grand plans for this self-portrait mission being Christmas week and all. But alas,
I had not anticipated the unexpected guest that showed up to put a damper on things.
As a kid living in Kansas, it seemed I had bronchitis every year but as an adult living in warmer climates for the last 28 years? Hardly at all, if ever. And it had to come this week. Needless to say, I didn't feel like moving much less take a self portrait. I tried though, only missing one day. Not bad considering I definitely did not want my picture taken! I used various apps such as Photo Toaster and Arista Oil as well as the good old stand-by, the Hipstamatic.

Needing some Magic


On Christmas Eve day, Charlie still had wrapping of gifts to do and so I decided to put on the disguise of a well-person (make-up) and head to B&N. I actually felt pretty good this day and didn't have a hacking fit until right when I was checking out (of course!). We had plans to go to dinner and I had been craving my celebratory mojitos but I wasn't sure if I could make it through in such a public place without hacking. Then, I decided what the hell...if I start coughing at least I can act like a piece of food went down the windpipe. :) 

Shower of Light

Bookstores always make me feel better. But look at my eyes...that's how you can tell I'm sick, droopy eyes.

Happy Reindeer (before and during the two mojitos...and maybe for a while after and then...not so much!)

I'm going to be ticked off if I'm still sick come January. I've got so many creative plans (stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post on that!) and I really want to feel my dear readers, send your warm thoughts and healing lights my way...I could use them right now. :)

Oh, and here is our next mission:

Mission #18: Study the texture of natural objects. (Originally it said "at the beach" but I found that might be limiting to some so let's just go for what's around us). Have fun!


Nichole Renee said...

Again, I say that you're still lovely even though you've been so sick!! I love "Needing Some Magic"...I think that best captures your feelings this week!

Here's all the healing thoughts I can send: <3

Feel better quickly!! xoxo

heavenly~flower said...

When I think of self portraiture, I think of you Lauralove. This is a stunning collection my beautiful're gorgeous even when you're feelin' punky xo keep 'em coming!!

Alex said...

OOOO... I like the rasinbow reflections in shimmer of light. I am going to try one of these Mojitos you speak so often of.

Laura said...

Thanks so much girls for your continued support! And yes, Alex you should try a Mojito!