Sunday, December 11, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #15

Mission #15: Find something blue.

This is the first mission with my new iPhone 4s which has an 8MP camera! Yippee! I shot all these "blue" pics on the day we picked out and decorated our Christmas tree. I used the Hipstamatic's newest camera/lens combo: The Loftus lens with DC film. I like this combo which captures true colors and vignettes the edges with a bit of blur. 
Ready to Brew

Blue Umbrellas

Looking out the sunroof


Under the Big Blue Tent

My newest orchids! Purchased last week on an outing with Lita. Aren't they simply gorgeous? 


Rock Painting

 Blue Light



No better way to end a day than with a cup of tea from a pretty teapot and teacup! 
Now, onto the next mission!

Mission #16: Record words and phrases that speak to you in public places.


Nichole Renee said...

Denim! How can you resist its blue allure?

Great shots! You can see the difference made with the 8mps! Nice!!

And how about this next mission? I like it!!!

Alex said...

The blue orchids are beautiful! You took some great shots with your new camera. I hope you were able to get Lita to use hers too.:)

Laura said...

Thanks! I do love the clarity on this new iPhone. Yes! Lita did use hers but I don't think she's ready to be back blogging yet...she's too busy being in love,lol. :)

Luke A. Bunker said...

Wow - great camera and you did a wonderful job with this challenge - I probably should have been following along with action instead of comments! :)

Laura said...

Come join us now Luke! Just jump right in and start doing the missions! The more the merrier! :)