Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lost and Found: Photo Manipulation Edition

In preparation for the New Year, I've begun cleaning up my photography files. This purging of the hard drive consists of making sure all my processed images are up on flickr. Did you know that flickr allows you to store full-res images (up to 20MB) and re-download those large files at anytime? It makes for a perfect online storage system!  Once everything is up on flickr, I then copy the files to external digital storage. And guess what? I usually find images I forgot to upload and share:

 Winter is Coming
(Inspired by Game of Thrones)

 Return to Sender

Ever Watchful

It's always great to rediscover something you forgot about!


Luke A. Bunker said...

Oh, how I LOVE it when that happens! Btw, might be stealing that process. ;) Question - do you keep any pictures that you don't process, just for memory's sake or anything? Or, do you only keep what's Flickr-worthy? Because I need to clear space! :)

Alex said...

I always enjoy finding forgotten little treasures where I least expect them. Love, love, love winter is coming. I can't wait for the show to resume.

Samuli said...

Oh man, haven't visited your blog in ages, sorry! But it sure was fun to catch up what you've been up to! (And can I just say that your iphoneography keeps on amazing me!)

And relating to this post: oh boy, I should be cleaning up my files, too. I must have terabytes of shots separated on four different hard drives - it's a darn nightmare when you need to find a specific shot.

On the other hand, browsing through those old, unsorted files can be fun, too. It really is great to find a cool shot that you didn't even remember taking :)

Once again, thanks for the inspiration and all the best from the cold North!

phoebe said...

I need to go through my photo files too and you have come up with such a good way to do it! I'm going to copy your process I think :)

Laura said...

Thanks everyone! I'm still cleaning out! But, it's led to some interesting finds! Phoebe...you better make room before you leave on all your trips...just think how many pics you are going to have this coming year! :)