Saturday, November 26, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #13

iPhoneography Mission #13: Go someplace you've never been.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
A perfect time for this mission as I was finally going to visit my brother in Nebraska. I took country roads I've never traveled on from Oskaloosa, Kansas to Lincoln, Nebraska. The weather was gorgeous and I took that opportunity to not only snap pics with the iPhone (using the Hipstamatic) but I pulled over several times to grab some shots with the D90 as well which I will share in future posts. I had never been to my brother's house in Lincoln and I discovered it full of babies, children, dogs and lots of laughter! All in all, my favorite mission so far. :)

 Through Small Town America

Sunflower Motel

 Welcome to Nebraska

 Rural Transportation

 Worn Out

 Sun-tipped Trees

Who's Coming to Dinner? 

Family Time 

 My great-nephew, Tayvon

 Sweet Penny

 My great-niece Ariya

 On the Trail of Wolves

 Woody Reflections

 Tread Lightly

 Down by the River

 Joe Cool

 What a fun time I had, especially with my nephew Seth (Joe Cool). We found a trail and nearly were eaten by wolves and attacked by a serial killer but we made it out alive and with our imaginations in tact. :)

Now, as the holiday festivities continue, it's time to think about the next mission! Here ya go:

Mission #14: Study the color and shape of your breakfast.



Nichole Renee said...

Awesome! I'm glad the wolves and serial killers didn't get you! It's a good thing you had a fierce protector with you for this mission!

Alex said...

Great mission. Sweet Penny is adorable.

Norm'sBlog said...

eaten by wolves??? the nearest we get to then in cumbria are the Herdwick Tupps ;)