Sunday, November 20, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #12

Mission #12: Let the weeds get a little out of control.

No problem. It's football season. Typically that means my garden gets the silent treatment for several months.
It stops raining. Things start dying off, weeds start popping up. Still, there is beauty to be found there. :)
All images shot with the Native Camera and processed with a variety of apps including Pic Grunger, Photo Toaster and Lo-Mob. All taken in my secret garden. ;-)

Bold Death 


Forgotten Days

Garden Faerie

 Hidden Path


For the next mission, I grant creative flexibility for all those participating since it's a holiday week.
Here ya go!:

Mission #13: Go someplace you've never been.


Nichole Renee said...

Lovely! I think "Entwined" is my favorite; something untangible about it speaks to me!

I'm excited about this week's challenge. Barring weather issues, Hubby is going to take me on a short hike! Woohoo!

Alex said...

The Hidden Path is my favorite. I love to stumble upon forgotten paths. I like to let me imagination run wild on the destination they lead to.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Alex said... imagination:)

Laura said...

Thanks girls! Nichole: Whoohoo for your hike! Can't wait to see the results. Alex: Me too...I love finding paths and seeing where they go!

Norm'sBlog said...
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Norm'sBlog said...

love the way that you process your photos for your blogs Laura :)

Laura said...

Thank you Norm!