Sunday, November 13, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #11

Mission #11: Meet an imaginary friend.

I spent this weekend with Daniel who is like a nephew to me. Daniel and I have lots in common, including a very active imagination and a whole slew of imaginary friends...or are they really imaginary?  He took me on a walk through his world and introduced me to some of these "friends". Along the way, I introduced him to some of my "friends" from 40 years ago.
For our travels, I used the Native camera and the Hipstamatic App. Enjoy our trip to "imagination station"!

This could be you...if you had an imagination like Daniel. :)

We first met Gonzo, who was in the process of having a nose job.

Meeting Herbert was a delight. Although he did seem to be a little hung over from the night before!

We were lost quite a bit but Daniel's "Mini Mickeys" helped us find our way to the correct street every time.

Chef Julio and Daniel became friends a long time ago after sharing a super-sized cheese pizza!
They had a bit of a falling out when Chef Julio began putting pepperoni on his pie. :(

Mr. Sweet Potato Soup was a little too sweet for Daniel, but I found him to be a perfect lunch companion.

Daniel is friends with everyone from Mythology. He introduced me to Neptune. We got along famously.
I am a Pisces after all!

After lunch, Daniel scopes out different worlds for us to visit. He decides on a castle we both know well:

Welcome to Hogwarts!

Daniel made friends with a Knight guarding the castle. He told Daniel how brave he was!

Gilderoy Lockhart had just flew in from a secret mission for the Ministry of Magic!
He boasted to Daniel about his accomplishments but Daniel just rolled his eyes and walked away.
 I don't think they'll be hanging out anytime soon!

We visited with the Mandrakes and learned how to wail just like they do!

Hedwig and Daniel have been friends for a very long time. 

It was finally time to head over to MY world of imaginary friends. Lucky for us, Daniel has a really useful friend that happens to be a flying car! Of course, I had a little trouble learning to drive it as you can see!

I was so excited to see the Lorax. He was already dressed for the holidays! We asked him the way and He told us where we could find some of my favorite people from my childhood. Off we went!

We found Beetle Bailey napping. I was introduced to Beetle a long time ago by my Uncle Larry. 
It was so good to see him again, even if he was a little too tired to visit with us.

Blondie is older than me but she looks terrific! I really need to find out her anti-aging secret!
Either way, it was really good to see her again! It had been a very long time!

I tried to catch my very elusive friend The Cat in the Hat, but I was only able to snap a quick bit of his shadow before he was on his way. Perhaps next time we can spend more time together!

Even though the Cat in the Hat was too busy to spend time with me, my much older feline friend, Puss in Boots did stop by to say hello. He remembered how much I loved him when I was little.

I wanted to marry Popeye when I was a kid. He still looks strong and handsome.
And I've always had a fondness for Spinach too. :)

When I was just a young girl, I spent nearly every Sunday with The Family Circus. I was closest to P.J and Dolly but loved Billy and Jeffy too. I was so sad to learn of their creators death today, one day after I introduced them to Daniel. :(

Unfortunately, not all my friends from childhood were nice people. I ran into Boris and Natasha and they were up to their usual dastardly tricks. We said a quick hello and went on our way.

I absolutely had to introduce Daniel to my Grandmother's best imaginary friend, Betty Boop.
We ended our day being serenaded by Betty's sweet little voice. 

Using one's imagination is very tiring!
 Sleep my sweet Daniel for you will meet even more friends in your dreams. xo

While Daniel sleeps, I'll tell you about the next mission:

Mission #12: Let the weeds get a little out of control.


Nichole Renee said...

How fun! And what a great interpretation of the challenge!!

That image of Hogwarts is spectacular!! And who doesn't love a sleeping kid? I think he had a magical weekend!

Laura said...

Thanks! He had a great time. He rode all sorts of "big" rides for the first time and was so proud of himself. :)

Alex said...

It looks like a fun filled weekend. What a great sport Daniel was. That is rare to find in someone of his age. I loved The Family Circus!

phoebe said...

Such fun! I love the Hogwarts pictures especially and I love that Daniel is into mythology. I used to love to read all about all of the Greek & Roman myths. Looks like you two really made the most of this mission of imaginary friends :)

Laura said...

Thanks girls! Daniel is always up for everything! Phoebe: We saw Immortals (his first R rated movie!) with Henry Cavill from the Tudors. He knows ALL the myths. I used to know them when I was younger, having once done a family tree for an Anthropology class. :)

Samuli said...

I knew this mission would be a great one - such an abundance of fun shots! And most importantly, it looks like you guys had a great weekend :)

Have a nice week ahead!(And btw I hope the little swim in the toilet hasn't completely ruined your Iphone!)