Sunday, November 6, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #10

Mission #10:
Make a cup of tea and follow the color saturation of the water.

I'll admit it. I'm a tea snob. I've been drinking tea since I was seven. Unless I'm over the pond, sick with the flu or it's super cold outside, I drink my tea iced. Over the years, my tea palate has been spoiled by high quality teas in England. No teabags for me. I buy organic, loose tea or make my own using flowers picked from my garden. This is the best way to truly experience the flavor of teas and infuse yourself with the best antioxidants from nature. It's not the best way however, to do an iPhoneography mission. It's hard to follow the saturation of water with loose tea. Once you pour the just boiled water over the tea, the color moves quickly. I used the Hipstamatic on the "shake" mode and did end up with a few images that speak to the tea lover I am. ♥

 The Beginning
Organic Early Grey & Rose Petals from SerendipiTea



Shades of Autumn

Black & Brewed

My preference is black tea with earthy and floral flavors. I do however, have green, herbal and white teas in my pantry. One of the teas I like to make when I have company, are flowering floral white teas:




The Body Elusive

Delicate Flurries

Golden Flower

Pitcher Perfect



Clouds Rising

Pretty in Pink

Now, ponder the next mission while I go have another glass of tea. :)

Mission #11: Meet an imaginary friend.
( for interpretation!)


Nichole Renee said...

These are so pretty!! No wonder you're a self-professed "tea snob"...tea is a feast for the senses when done right, it seems!!

I adore "Pretty in Pink" and "Breathe"...They are so delicate and feminine!

Now, on to the next! I have so many ideas swirling in my head!!!

phoebe said...

I have been absolutely horrible about keeping up with blogger but I have now looked through all of your posts that I have missed and I love, love, love your i-phone photos so much! They're all great. And I am eagerly waiting to see what you do with the imaginary friend mission. What a good one!

Samuli said...

I have actually tried switching from coffee to tea several times, since I know there are dozens of reason to do so! But I relapse every time - I guess I'm just a coffee junkie (plus I really, reaaaallly need that extra caffeine :))

I think you've created a lovely series here. And the next mission sounds so cool - can't wait to see the results!

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Laura said...

Thanks Nichole! I think the next mission is made for you! Can't wait to see what you do!

Samuli: I'm a big coffee drinker too...a couple of cups in the morning and sometimes, a Starbucks in the afternoon!

Thanks Phoebe! I'm sure planning all those amazing trips has kept you pretty busy! :)

Norm'sBlog said...

your blogs are always so interesting and artistic Laura.

Alex said...

You did a good job with this mission. My daughter would LOVE that you make you own teas. She has wanted to try the pods but they do creep her out a bit when they are expanding. They make her think of some alien creature.

Laura said...

Thanks Norm! And your postings always make me happy and keep my memories of England fresh!
Alex: Your daughter should definitely try the pods. Fascinating to watch and the teas are very light with floral finishes.