Monday, June 14, 2010

Creative Saturday: Traditional Art

Creative Saturdays with Lita include one Saturday a month for Traditional Art. This day is not about creating some masterpiece or even finishing a small work of art. It's about doing. It's about practice. It's about learning something new. Lita has always wanted to take the time to learn to draw and our Creative Saturday was a perfect day to start this new experience. She recently received a set of drawing pencils for her birthday along with a basic drawing book that I had given her. She sat to work on this beautiful fairy:
I think she may have a natural talent for the art of drawing!

Before Lita arrived that morning, I had worked a bit on my Girl with Horse painting, adding more layers of thin paint, building up the image with shadows and lights:
With this painting left to dry, I turned to watercolor only to discover I was plumb out of watercolor paper.  So, I decided to do an acrylic on canvas. I've been watching the sunflowers grow and bloom in my garden which inspired me to paint the flower of my home state of Kansas:
As usual with our Creative Saturdays, we take a break for lunch, a walk through Barnes and Noble (Lita came out with a armful of books!) and a visit to Kilwin's chocolate shop. Also, as usual, we ran out of time and didn't finish our art. But, as I said before it's not about "finishing" but "doing" and that's exactly what we did! When our paintings and drawings are finished, a future blog post will proudly display the results.
As this week begins, I look forward to our next Exploration Task and next weekends Digital Art Day at Lita's. I hope this inspires you to "just do it"...get out those paints and pencils and feed your creative soul!


Lita said...

I agree! It’s not being about getting anything completed or perfect, but about the doing and the journey toward the destination (or end product). It’s the hardest part, but so worthwhile and rewarding ...

Thanks for your kind words about my fairy and for implying I have a natural talent for drawing :)

I’m excited about your painting of the Girl with the Horse, and am anxious to see it in it’s final state. It’s been so fascinating to witness its progression!

I still love the laundry in your watercolor, lol, and I’m astonished with how you came up with and worked on your acrylic painting within such a short time span!

Thank goodness for our Creative Saturdays :)

Laura said...

I agree! Thank goodness for our Saturdays! And I finished the watercolor! :)