Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Exploration #1: Right Where You Are Sitting

Lita and I are embarking on a new challenge of being "Explorers of the World". Although we both live our life as explorers of the world already, we can use a refresher course of how to see, smell, observe, collect and document the world around us. There will be fifty-eight assignments that will help us see the world in a new and exciting way. Our experiences will be blogged about, mine here and Lita's on a new blog created specifically for this challenge. Perhaps it will inspire you to follow along and also become an Explorer of the World.
So, here we go on our adventure with Exploration #1:

Right Where You Are Sitting
Write 10 things about where you are sitting right now that you hadn't noticed before when you sat down
1)  The window has peeling tint. Just another thing that needs to be upgraded. *sigh*
2)  The view would be better if I removed the window screens.
3)  The cat takes up half the desk. I never realized that before. Should have gotten a longer desk. :)
4)  The room has become cluttered. I really must take some time to declutter and get some breathing space.
5)  Out the window a lizard is perched on a bamboo stake.
6)  The sunflowers have become a bit droopy as the weather heats up. :(
7)  My project pile has gotten huge. I wish someone would invent a pause button for time.
8)  The birdbath is empty. Yesterday, a squirrel was hanging upside down while drinking from it.
9)  There is thread on the floor from my recent sewing. Need to get that up before my cat eats it!
10) The fig tree is bearing fruit! Soon, it will be full of squirrels gorging themselves.

It might have been a more interesting first assignment had I actually been sitting in the garden and not my desk when I started. But, this challenge is about being spontaneous as well as observant and I want it to be an entirely organic experience. And this is where I was sitting when the assignment came through from Lita. So, what did I get out of this first assignment? Besides the fact that the garden needs my attention, I realized that I have put a lot of things on the "back burner" which are now piling up and cluttering my life. In order to be an explorer of the world, I need to eliminate those things that keep me tied to the shoreline. I will focus on doing just that until the next challenge comes along!


Lita said...

!!! LOL !!! It was so fun to do my assignment ... and then later, see what you came up with =) Funny about you noticing how the cat takes up half the desk, lol! And I like the corresponding pic, which was a great idea! So looking forward to our next assignment and comparing results / observations =)

Laura said...

I agree! Fun to do and so looking forward to the next one!