Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Sketchbook Project: 2011

As if I needed another project, I signed up for The Sketchbook Project today!  I've chosen the theme of "Under the Surface".  My mind is already spewing out ideas!
I've done a Moleskine journal in the past but to participate with a whole world of creatives and have it being looked through by thousands of people was appealing to me. I found this project through my friend Phoebe who has also signed up and chosen the theme of "Storybook".
I will, of course, blog my progress as I fill up each page.
I'm hoping more of my friends choose to sign up too (are you listening Missy, Lita and Doug?)  There is always room for one more creative project in our lives! :)


shabby*girl said...

I'm in!
I will be doing the theme, "Storybook"!
Thanks, Laura!
Love, Missy

Lita said...

Belly laughter! Ummm ... I'll pass on adding one more creative project to my life =) I looked it up and I can see why you'd be intrigued ... Looking forward to seeing your sketches :)

Laura said...

Great Missy! It will be fun to see what we end up doing.
Ah, I'm totally understanding that Lita love! Hopefully, I won't regret taking on another project myself!