Saturday, June 19, 2010

Creative Saturday: Pinup Progress

It's Saturday! Today we had a Digital Art Day at Lita's. Lita began painting the most beautiful landscape, taken from an image she took when she visited the Northern part of the East Coast. Periodically throughout the day, we check on each other's work and I was blown away by the beauty of her piece which was rich in color and in the impressionistic style. I've already requested a print! I will post it here when she finishes it.

I was back working on the Pinup I started a few weeks ago. Here is a reminder of how far I got previously on "Peggy Sue" (She finally got a name today):
She started out as a sketch and then slowly took shape with painting of highlights and shadows:

Today, she came to life when I began laying in the colors:
There is still much to be done. I still need to work on all of her body parts, soften her face, blend all the skin tones and put in details.  I also still have to do detail work on the ropes and log as well as paint a landscaped background. While working on this today I revisited the Clipping Mask and learned how to create my own pallet of color using the Stained Glass filter. I always love when I find some new interesting technique in Photoshop! For now, I will put her aside for another day.  Future blog posts will show the continued progress and maybe, one day soon, the finished piece!


shabby*girl said...

This looks fabulous, Laura!
Oh...I have so much to tell you! I'm so looking forward to our creative road trip!!!!!!
Love ya! Missy

Laura said...

Thanks Missy!
I can't wait to see you and catch up on everything! We will be having our own Creative Saturday soon!
Love ya back! ♥

Lita said...

I'm so glad she has a soul now, lol. And I love her legs. Too bad you can't paint my legs to look that good, lol. Oh, hurry, Laura ... I'm so impatient to see this image of "Peggy Sue" completed! ;P