Monday, September 5, 2011

Little Women Get a Face Lift

This week was once again mostly about photography but I did manage to squeeze in a few moments for traditional art. I purchased this 1947 copy of Little Women at the library sale a couple of weeks ago. It's got a fabulous cover which I am leaving as is. 

The pages inside however are getting a creative face lift. By picking out words that appeal to me, I can create a poem and then sketch an image to match onto the page. By the time each page is done, this will be a one of a kind art journal with poetry! And the original story still shines through. How fun is that? It's something that can easily be done while watching the telly. Vintage books have thicker paper than books today. The paper holds up really well to pen and colored pencil and even light watercolor or paint.

A pastoral state in silk and lace.
Pink. White. Observing.

Thundercloud, bitter cold;
Last ice~

This will be another difficult week to squeeze in creative moments as I prepare for company to arrive. My goals this week will be simple. I'll do the iPhone mission #2, another Exploration task and process images from Day 2 of The Cumbria Way (omg. That was 5 months ago and I'm only on Day 2??). If I do have any time for traditional art, it will be to add two more pages to the Sketchbook Project.

Hope everyone has a wonderfully creative week ahead!


Nichole Renee said...

Ooooh! Love it! What a wonderful idea! And so much simpler, faster than creating an art journal. Hmm...I may have to do one of these someday....

Looking forward to seeing what creative endeavors you can squeeze in this week! :)

Alex said...

Your creativity is bubbling over :) What a great idea.

phoebe said...

I love this! Your sketches are beautiful and I really, really like your idea of highlighting words and making a little verse out of them. Very clever.
And I know what you mean about the photo processing...I'm working on pictures from my trip to London and Edinburgh last October still - almost a year later! Good luck :)

Laura said...

Thanks! I do hope to fill it up. It will be like most of my journals probably...half filled and sitting in a pile!LOL!