Saturday, September 24, 2011

Exploration #22: People Watching

Exploration #22: People Watching
Sit in a public location and document people you see for one hour.
Take detailed notes. Make sketches of one item that stands out most about each person.

I did this task in Las Vegas, while having lunch at Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian. I requested a table
where there would be good people watching and the server sat me next to a large area that opened up
to the casino floor. So many people were passing by that it was impossible to sketch anything. Instead, I kept
a running tally of particular things I noticed while munching on a burger and fries. I used my iPhone only to snap a few photos in order to be less conspicuous. Using the iPhone indoors is when I wish the 8mp iPhone 5 was already out. Still, I felt like I was on a stakeout and it sure was fun!

My table at Grand Lux from which I conducted my people watching.

The view from my table at Grand Lux Cafe

Another view from my table at Grand Lux

What I saw:

3 people had words on their clothes: Death by Glory, Let it Be and Take Time To Enjoy.

2 people were walking around taking video recordings.

1 person had a Canon around their neck; 2 had Nikons; 2 had point and shoot cameras.

Only one person was dressed completely inappropriately. 

2 people were limping and 2 people were walking with canes.

1 woman wore a Sari.

An Asian man walked by with his pants rolled up to the ankles.

A group of young twenty-somethings stood at a pillar near me, talking,  for nearly the entire hour.

Pillar Talk

7 people were carrying water; 4 people had tea and 14 people had coffee, 5 of those Starbucks.

5 people had sunglasses on their heads.

1 man was carrying golf clubs, another just a pair of golf shoes.

7 people were pushing strollers.

Stroller Strut

7 people were on their cell phones or texting.

1 lady wore a houndstooth jacket.

43 people were rolling suitcases.

3 people rode motorized chairs.

46 people had convention name tags on.

1 man was covered in tattoos; 1 was carrying a boombox; 1 was wearing a cowboy hat and 1 was carrying a case of Miller Lite Beer.

4 groups of people checked out the Grand Lux Menu and 1 of those was a man carrying his wife's purse.

What's on the Menu?

One man was carrying a jar of wipes. Another was carrying a bottle of hand soap.

7 men had grey hair. No men had long hair. 1 man was bald and only one woman had red hair.

5 people were smoking.

2 women were pregnant. 

One couple was a definite May-December romance.

1 guy was pushing a dolly (the kind for moving things, not an actual doll,lol.)

1 woman had a stuffed monkey.

1 woman was carrying a huge black box on her back.

1 EMT walked by with all his gear.

1 guy had a sweater tied around his shoulders ala James Spader in "Pretty in Pink".

3 couples were holding hands.

Another view from my table. A couple holding hands trots by.

1 person was walking and eating at the same time.

1 guy had a really long beard.

I so enjoyed doing this task that I'm sure I will find myself somewhere one day again, making notes on the people that are passing me by. ;)


Nichole Renee said...

I liked this exploration task! What fun to feel like you were on a bit of a stakeout!

So many stories passed by you that day!

Lita said...

How sad that from a vast crowd, there were only 3 couples holding hands ...

I like how that one guy was confident in his manhood to carry his wife's purse ...

That's a lot of rolling suit cases ...

and not nearly the number of people texting ...

Very interesting observations and captures :) !