Sunday, September 4, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #1

iPhoneography Mission #1
Visit a farm and explore a worn path.

At first, I was very excited about this mission. I knew there were farms in South Florida as I have seen them on road trips. Lita and I were going to plan to hit one of the UPickEm citrus and fruit farms. However, my excitement soon turned to frustration when I discovered that there is a farming season here (November to April) and that all the farms are closed to visitors during the summer. That left me only two choices, an alligator farm in the Everglades or a visit to Butterfly World, which is the world's largest Butterfly farm, breeding and maintaining not only butterflies but their caterpillars and host plants. Now, after spending a week scratching about 50 mosquito and no-see-um bites, the thought of roaming around in the Everglades did not appeal to me at all. So the mission would have to take place at Butterfly World.

It's Raining Butterflies
Lens: Salvador 84
Film: DreamCanvas

I've been here dozens of's only 10 minutes from my house. I have a yearly membership. But, I've never once pulled out my iPhone and taken a picture there. I did also take my D90 with a macro lens...just in case. :)  As I began to take pics with the iPhone, I realized I was looking at and seeing things I've never noticed before.  I started on the rain forest path and then went along the wooden bridge to the aviaries. Here are my favorite shots from the mission:

Lens: Hornbecker
Film: Big Up
Processing: Pic Grunger

Crazy Cage
Lens: Salvador 84
Film: DreamCanvas

Rib Cage
Native Camera
Processing: Picture Show and PS Express

Into the Mist
Lens: Helga Viking
Film: BlacKeys B&W
Processing: Pixlr-o-matic

Lens: Salvador 84
Film: Alfred Infrared

Bubbling Brook
Lens: Kaimal Mark II
Film: Big Up

Green Striped Bamboo
Lens: Melodie
Film: Cano Cafeno
Processing: Picture Show

Vine Love
Lens: Helga Viking
Film: Blanko Noir

Lens: Bettie XL
Film: AO BW

Leaf Patterns
Lens: Bettie XL
Film: Cano Cafenol

Wooden Bridge
Lens: Roboto Glitter
Film: Blanko

Roped Off
Lens: Lucifer VI
Film: DreamCanvas

Yellow Umbrella Reflections
Native Camera
Processing: Pixlr-o-matic

Empty Cafe
Lens: Tejas
Film: Float

Stained Glass Hummingbird
Lens: John S
Film: Kodot XGrizzled

Lines & Angles
Lens: Helga Viking
Film: BlacKeys B&W

Up Above
Lens: Chunky
Film: Big Up

Butterfly Girl
Native Camera
Processing: Photoshop Express & Picture Show

Thaos Swallowtail
Native Camera
Processing: Picture Show

Not the traditional farm, but I was still challenged and surprised with what I found myself shooting. Lita and I plan on revisiting the challenge in November when the citrus farms are open and she finally has an iPhone! For now, let's move onto the next mission!

Mission #2: Minimize the horizon

This one should be easier for me than the farm mission! Let's see what everyone comes up with!
Have a great week and remember to take time to be creative!


Nichole Renee said...

Great job making the best of not living in a farming area! Love the "Vine Love" shot--what a great image!

I love that this mission gave us a chance to open our eyes to things not always seen!

On to the next!!!

Alex said...

You have some really cute and fun shots. I really like "crazy cage" and "striped bamboo".

phoebe said...

Fantastic! I love Into the Mist, very dreamy and magical. And bubbling brook looks like looking into a witches brew!
I've noticed too when shooting with my droid that I notice different things. More details and little ordinary things that seem to be perfect for all of the different "films".
Can't wait to see your take on a traditional farm too when you guys go to one.

Lita said...

I have to admit, your iphone captures rival many BW shots taken with a regular camera! Each are fun doorways into different feeling places. The top one is a wondrous work of art! ♥

Laura said...

Thanks! Shooting with the iPhone has definitely sparked a whole new level of excitement!