Friday, September 9, 2011

Exploration #20: Small Thoughts

Exploration #20
Small Thoughts
Make a list of placid small thoughts you have throughout the week. 

This task sounds easy but how often do we make note or write down our small thoughts? And I'm pretty sure that most of what goes on in my head are conversations with myself rather than small thoughts.  Here are the few that I did remember and some I paired with images so this wouldn't be such a boring post. :)

Why wear your pants down like that? Just walk around in your boxers. You would look less like a fool.

OMG. Worst cramps. Ever.

What was I doing? I got distracted by photography.

You're funny. I know.

Oscar Wilde would be mortified by the state of my decor right now. But my personality would make up for it. I wonder if he would like me? We would be best friends I'm sure.

Why is this lady invading my space. Space Invaders are so rude.

I wonder how much it would cost to go on a real-life cattle drive? I wonder if Lita would go with me since horses would be involved?

I have anxiety. I hate the dentist. I really want to postpone this. No, I'm here, just do it. Breathe.

I can't carry this big-ass book to Vegas. I'm going to have to have Charlie download it on the iPad for me so I can read it while on vacation. I'm buying it twice? Geez.

I hate getting my hair done almost as much as going to the dentist! I've got to sit in this chair for three hours? At least I'm getting a pedicure which is nice. 


Mom said...

Here is Proof, our Little Princess is Very Pamper even in her late forties!

phoebe said...

I can't believe that you're up to #20 already, I'm impressed! I can completely identify with the anxiety part...I am the same way. I enjoyed reading all of your thoughts, funny and true.

Laura said...

Mom: Well, you started the pampering!
Phoebe: I'm going to try to do three next week! :)

Alex said...

I'm not sure how this post got by me.
Very cute and enjoyable. The photos did add a great touch.