Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fashion Photography with a Twist

Oh how I loved to play with paper dolls when I was a little girl! My favorites were Mattel's Rock Flower Paper Dolls (I even had the actual Rock Flower vinyl dolls too) and the Nanny & Professor Paper Dolls (remember that show?). I still have some of those, although they are in much-loved condition.

Playing with my Paper Dolls, 1970

Recently I have rediscovered that love, thanks to a new collage technique book called Collage Couture by Julie Nutting. I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and once it arrived, I read it cover to cover, oohing and aahing over the beautiful images created from paper and paint. Although I have yet to attempt any of the tutorials or techniques shown in the book, it inspired me to get out my pens, paper, scissors and glue and get to work creating my own paper dolls. What fun I had! And what a mess I made!

Fun in the Art Room

After I had made a few paper dolls, I decided to drag them into Photoshop and combine them with some of my travel photography. Just like when I was a little girl, my imagination had them going off on fabulous adventures wearing the most delightful fashions. A girl must always look her best when traveling! 

Streets of Siena

Out and About in D.C.

Kew Gardens

I've made each of these available in my Etsy shop as an 8x10 print. They will also be available on Zazzle as individual note cards and postcards. Eventually, I hope to make a set of paper dolls in matching fashions and make them available as note card sets with the paper dolls on plain white backgrounds. And, of course I hope to try some of the techniques shown in the book. So much to do, so little time! :)

I also did the first two pages of my Sketchbook Project. The theme is "Travel With Me". I started with a city that I have spent a few holidays in: Paris, France. My friend Phoebe is there I jealous? Maybe a bit!
She's posting pictures and blogging from Paris right now! Lucky girl!

Travel with Me: Paris

Should I point out that the architecture for Notre Dame is all screwy? Ah well, that's the nature of the beast. Sometimes you have good sketches and sometimes you don't. But it's all about the journey, right?

And finally, I picked up Pi's ashes yesterday. She is finally home where she belongs. I'm still emotional about it. Going from feeling guilty to acceptance and then back again. We have decided to adopt, either next month or in August. One never fully heals from the loss of a pet but we must honor the memory of one by saving the life of another. And that's what we shall do this summer. :)


Nichole Renee said...

See that visitor from Salem?! That's me!! But more about that in a couple of days...

I simply adore your paper doll images! What a wonderful concept and yours are adorable!

What a great start to your sketchbook! And I easily recognized the Notre Dame, so it turned out just fine!

And finally, a big hug. I'm so glad that you have Pi back, and I think what you said about honoring her memory by saving another cat is a lovely sentiment and action.

Laura said...

Yay! I hope you are enjoying your trip to Salem! Can't wait to hear all about it!

Alex said...

You really brought back some memories. I too LOVED my paper dolls. The kids today don't know what they are missing. Let me know when you decide to make the red outfit for real people. I just love it.

Laura said...

LOL! I would love this outfit too...unfortunately I only so for those that are 12" or shorter. :)