Saturday, June 18, 2011

Collectible Photographic Note Cards

It's been a rough week. All of your wonderful messages of love and support have helped so much. Or course, I'm still grieving for my precious Pi but I did manage to make four new sets of collectible photographic Note Cards. These come in sets of 12 with white envelopes and gold seals. They are wrapped in cellophane and tied with pretty bows, ready to give as gifts!  The note cards are blank inside and can be purchased on my website or from my Etsy shop.

Notes of a Forgotten Age; Set of 12 5"x5" blank note cards with envelopes and gold seals.

Carmyle Cottage; Set of 12 4"x5" blank note cards with envelopes and gold seals.

Phoenix Rising; Set of 12 4"x5" blank note cards with envelopes and gold seals.

Four Seasons; Set of 12 4"x5" note cards with envelopes and gold seals.

Finally, Charlie was out of town when Pi passed away so I went through it alone. She was a poppa's girl so he was pretty devastated. When he got home we cried together for about two hours, watching videos of her, looking at pictures. He brought me a Hello Kitty cat and some white carnations to represent her spirit. That next day, a single red rose suddenly bloomed in my garden. I like to think it was from Pi, letting us know how much she loved us. ♥


Nichole Renee said...

Such beautiful sets of notecards! I love the four seasons one (and I'm off to see if you offer that as any other form of goodie...).

And that rose is beautiful! Our loved ones definitely have their ways of letting us know they are around! (My grandmother leaves me dimes all the time!)


Alex said...

What a beautiful gift from Pi. :) I bet she will continue to send you special signs of her love. Your notecards are lovely.I agree with Nicole. The four seasons is my favorite. I loved it when I saw your original post.

Laura said...

Thanks girls! I picked up Pi's ashes yesterday and my heart is finally at ease knowing she is now home. So glad you like the cards!