Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Week in Art & Photography

My week in art & photography:

Winter Song
A page from my Doll Dreams art journal.

Pages from the nature-inspired Watercolor Journal:

Pinecone Collection

Lime & Wildflowers


On the Sweet Almond

Images processed:

 Country Lane Reflections

Spring's Last Hurrah

Sunny Days Ahead


Nichole Renee said...

You have had a beautifully creative week! Isn't art wonderful for soothing the soul? <3

phoebe said...

Quite a creative and industrious week! I love your dolls striped scarf and gloves and her highlighted hair. I think that she may be my favorite yet. I do love winter!

Laura said...

Thanks my friends. Yes, it's been very healing to do art. It's taken me away from my sadness a few moments at a time and I'm sure when Pi is gone, it will be a path towards healing. :)

Alex said...

Once again you amaze and inspire. You have been a busy lady. I am truly enjoying sharing in the adventures on your trip. The photo "Country Lane Reflections" took me away to a time most have forgotten. Thank you for taking me away even if for a brief moment. Your tobacco hornworn made me shutter. It brought back the memories of our garden last year. Our tomato plants were covered in the pest. I am barley able to eat a tomato due to the flash back to these nasty pest.

Laura said...

Thanks Alex! I love the tomato hornworms...they turn into the Sphinx Moth which is such a cool critter. Of course, if I had tomatoes and they were eating them I may feel differently. :)