Friday, May 13, 2011

Back home and a long list of "to do's"

There is no place like home. Except when you realize just how long the "to do" list is. Opening a teetering pile of mail, paying bills screaming for attention, returning long-unanswered emails and phone calls, tackling a mountain of laundry, tending to a sorely neglected garden, cleaning up messes made by both human and animal, restocking the emptied fridge, processing hundreds of photos from two different adventures, blogging so the world knows I'm still alive and trying to find the time to create art, start a watercolor journal and resume a gardening & wildlife journal. Did I mention that exercise needs to be added in there somewhere?
ah heck. It all can wait while I take a nap. :)
In the meantime, enjoy these photos taken on day 2 of the Cumbria Way. My favorite day of the trek.

Chesters by the River
Where we stopped for tea, lattes and scones!

Happy Girls!

These were without a doubt the BEST scones found during the trip.

Magical Latte

Wooden Reflections

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