Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roaming Richmond

Missy met Phoebe and I in D.C. and the three of us took the train down to Richmond. Our B&B was located in the quaint town of Ashland; a small town feel that reminded me of home. In fact, we even found a piece of home in Richmond!

Dodge City Girls
(pic by Phoebe)

Reflections of a Small Town

Simple Pleasures

We strolled around CaryTown, had lunch at Can Can and snapped photos of a Chalk Art event that was taking place. We saw lots of interesting people and Phoebe showed us some of her favorite places.

Chalk Artist

He Doesn't Want Your Chalk

Lunch at Can Can (pic by Missy)

As the sun was setting on our first day in Richmond, we took a quick walk along the Pipeline. I will definitely have to come back and do more of that...what a cool thing, to walk on a metal pipe just slightly above the muddy waters of the James River.

Fishin' for Dinner at Sunset

Our second day in Richmond was spent at Hollywood Cemetery, a vast valley of the dead that sits high on a hill overlooking the city and the James River. It houses two US Presidents and is filled with twisted iron, sulking trees, cobwebbed tombs that house souls long forgotten. Unfortunately for me I spent the entire day, from morn until late eve with a migraine. Of course, I wasn't going to sit in the room so out I ventured with the girls and just dealt with it the best I could.

A Lady's Favor

Beyond the Shadowed Lands

It was a excellent location to play Make-Believe and don some of Phoebe's famous masks:

(a true collaboration: pic by Phoebe with Missy's iPhone and processed by me!)

I found some time to just sit and relax and watch a Swallowtail flutter, a river flow and a train roll by:

Overlooking the James River
(pic by Missy, processed by me)

Richmond is full of interesting homes, history, people and culture. It was a great place to spend some time with friends.


phoebe said...

I'm so glad that you had a good time in Richmond! I enjoyed showing off a little bit of my town :) And I must say that every one of these photos is absolutely awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you came and introduced me to Phoebe. I love the photos and hope to spend time with you all again soon.


Nichole Renee said...

I have relatives that live in Richmond, and it really is a beautiful city. You've captures such wonderful images of it and of your adventures.

Dumb ol' migraine, though. Boo!

Can't wait to see and read more of your travels! I'm itching to go on some of my own soon!! :)

Laura said...

I had a great time and Phoebe was a wonderful hostess! And so happy I got to spend some time with you too Brenda! Nichole, we will hook up next time around as I plan on coming back up soon! Phoebe still has to take me to NYC! :)