Wednesday, May 18, 2011

For the Love of Pi

The week did not start off good. My oldest cat, Pi Ling was diagnosed with Intestinal Cancer. It's possibly in one of her kidneys as well. She has lost two pounds since March and is now down to just 4lbs. She is skin and bones, so fragile. I cried most of Monday while she was at the vet but it was not a completely lost day. I scanned in all her old pictures from film. She is just over 15 years old (that's 79 in human years!) and digital wasn't around back when she was a kitten. The process helped me decide what I was going to do and that was, bring her home. As long as she's eating, I want her to finish her days here, with us, naturally. I'm not going to put her through surgery or chemo. I've opted to treat her with some holistic medicine, as there is always hope. A fool's hope, but hope nonetheless.
I have also done some sketching in my watercolor journal and will post the pics tomorrow. Art is very healing and when you are doing it in the garden, even more so. Til then, I hope you enjoy some of these scanned images of my Pi girl.

Pi & her Poppa, 1996

Thirsty Kitty! 1996

This is the life, 1996

Caught! 1999

And here is a more recent picture of her:

On Any Given Sunday, 2011


Nichole Renee said...

What a beautiful girl...and she has a beautiful momma who is going to take such special care of her. I'm thinking about you and sending you strength and hugs! <3

heavenly~flower said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your beautiful are the best kitty mama and you've made her life so special. I'm thinking of you and Charlie, and Sami too. Hugs and love coming your way. xo

Mom said...

The Angel Candle is burning and prayers are headed Pi's way and also to her family. Grandma sends you love and remembers the time we babysit Pi and taught her to walk on a lease in Texas. She was a joy to watch her explore the real world with us and her leash.

phoebe said...

Oh Laura I am so sorry to hear this. I know exactly what you're going through and how much it hurts. For what it's worth I think you've made a good choice bringing her home to be with you. Enjoy every minute that's left and cry all that you need to. She's been lucky to live out such a long life in such a loving home and you've been lucky to have her. Lots and lots of hugs and love to you, xoxoxo, hang in there :)

Laura said...

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. She is eating and seems to be happy to be home. I'm sad and will be for a while I'm sure but all of you, Charlie, Sami, my blog, photography, garden and art all help make me feel better. :) Love you all!

Lita said...

Happy to hear she's eating and that she's happy to be home ...!

Hope you're feeling better too ♥!

Laura said...

Thanks Lita!
I sent you an email update on how she is doing. :)

Alex said...

She is so beautiful! I am sorry to hear she will soon leave us here. I do know that her life with you has been one of love. I know you will both treasure the remaining time you have together. Hugs to you both!

Laura said...

Thanks for your kind words. She is hanging in there and I am trying my best to nurse her back to health with lots of TLC and love.